Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Couple of Days with Tony

Me and Tony

After yesterday's post - I bet some of you thought this was going to be about a different Tony. Nope - we're moving on from that.

As I've said before, I work in the performing arts, and as I've explained before, we normally don't take photos of artists, etc, while working. But, the end of last week was an exception. We had a very special guest in for a special event. It was none other than Sir Anthony Hopkins.

He was the nicest fellow - really nice - and he was THRILLED to be with us, thrilled like a little kid - so excited to be in Dallas with us for this event. And, he welcomed photos and autographs.

So, I took a photo with him, and couple backstage showing the action, with the flash off, on a grainy ISO, but they tell the story, even if the photos stink. A couple of these are with the camera phone, to boot. And, since I took these at work, I've blurred out lots of the faces, just in case those people weren't interested in being included in this post. So, really, here come the crappy photos!

Tony's shoes.

First off, Mr. Hopkins, Sir Anthony, whatever - likes to be called Tony. He'll tell you that right off the bat. Secondly, he had some wickedly cool shoes. They were sort of adapted wing tips, with a silver interior section that actually made them look almost as if he had spats on. He said his wife, Stella, picked them out.

A very grainy phone photo of Tony backstage before the event.

Tony on stage.

After the event, Tony stood backstage and thanked all the performers personally, took photos, signed autographs, etc. He was so appreciative of their work and so glad to be there with them.

Tony thanking the performers.

And, more thanking going on.

To thank the staff, Tony brought us all bottles of very nice champagne. He signed them for us as well.

It reads, "Thanks" "Amy" "Anthony Hopkins" in case you weren't so sure.

It was sort of a different evening in my line of work, and it was nice, since he was so nice and so interested in being there. So, I thought I'd share it with all of you.

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