Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

When I started this blog, it was to post photos I'd taken that I wanted to comment on. Recently, however, I've been doing more posts about what I've been up to than commenting on the hundreds of photos I've got piled up on my external drive to comment on. And, while I've posted photos, often then are not what I'd call my best work, but rather "snapshots", quite literally, of my activities. I'm just typing this out so that if you've noticed this and wondered, "What the heck?" you will know I know this is the case. And, to say, well, I've been busy, and well, I do hope to get back to the other photos soon.

So, on to more snapshots of another busy weekend. First up, Friday night, S and I babysat for our niece, Alexandra. I arrived before S and received the instructions from her mom. She was in a great mood, and we played together for a couple of hours. S did get there before she went to bed, but she was already sort of tired when he arrived, so she was not interested in visiting with him. She went to bed for us, no sweat, which is always tricky the first time you watch a baby - they don't know you, you don't know their signals - but it went alright.

Below is a little photography preference discussion, just to throw in a little "actual intent of the website" into a "what I did this weekend" post. As I may have mentioned before, and as I'm sure you've noticed, I prefer to shoot photos with no flash. I think it keeps from washing the subject out, allows for more depth of field and action (usually) and generally presents a warmer color scheme. To do this, when it's not optimal light, you have to increase the ISO or film speed (or the digital equivalent) to allow the camera to capture the photo quicker. This is still not always possible. Or, because of movement, you'll sometimes get a blur in part (or all) of the shot. And, increasing the ISO also increases the grain or inherent "noise" in the photo. Of course, nicer cameras are able to correct this a bit. My XT gives off less noise at ISO 1600 than the Powershot does. On babysitting night, I was using the camera in my purse, so that would be the "grainier" Powershot at the helm. Anyway, when choosing flash or no flash, there are trade-offs. But, sometimes, and often with wiggly babies, no-flash photos just don't turn out.

Alexandra with no flash - see the grain in the photo? This was at an ISO of at least 800 (maybe 1600 - I can't remember)

Alexandra at ISO 400 after I turned on the flash. Less grain and noise here, but darker background and that pesky flash reflection in the sidewall of the kitchen cabinet.

I resorted to the flash for most of the night. But, I got a few others with no flash.

This one, as Alexandra stormed the camera, was with no flash.

She loves playing with these little stacking cups on the wood floor - she can make them roll and throw them around to make lots of noise.

Looking up at the towering grown-ups above her.

We played with lots of toys - S had shown up by this point -those are his big feet in the background.

And we tried on a few "hats".

Then, she tried to "eat" this toy.

She made a valiant effort.

But, don't worry, the toy was not ingested - just slobbered to death.

Below are a few of Alexandra's favorite expressions:

A gummy grin.

The raspberries.

And mid-yawn. It was getting later.

So, we went and changed the diaper, put on pajamas and headed for the crib. She went right to sleep, something we could see by watching the video baby monitor - crazy wild gadgets they have for parents these days.

One last photo - I call this one...

Alexandra, giving us her "babysitting seal of approval".

Don't you think that's it? Tomorrow - Saturday's events.

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