Friday, October 24, 2008

State Fair Friday: 2008 Final Edition

Melissa carefully chose one cute duck.

I couldn't leave behind the State Fair of Texas without being able to post ALL of the photos I took of these cute rubber ducks in one place. It's an obsessive compulsive sort of thing, I guess. I loved the ducks. I took lots of shots of the ducks. I now must post the photos of the ducks.

All the goggle-eyed ducks.

The State Fair closed last Sunday. It's gone again for another year. It'll be back, never fear, at the end of September next year. Start the countdown, all you fair freaks.

Bobbing along. Bobbing along on the beautiful BRINY sea....

OK, maybe not so briny. Generally, the Midway is not a place I spend a lot of time at the fair. But, now that me and the ducks have bonded, I might have to spend a little more time in the game area next year. You know, to catch up on how they've been.

I wouldn't want them to lose those goggles...their contacts might fall out or something.

They are just SO adorable, aren't they??? Their little bills curve up into a cute duck smile.

Just waiting to be plucked from the duck pond.

Melissa also paid the goggle-eyed ducks' friends a visit.

Melissa, again, chose very carefully in the blue-eyed pond.

As if goggle-eyed ducks aren't enough. Oh-so-real, there was also the blue eyed duck pond. They were equally photogenic.

Don't they look like they could just bat those cute little eyes at you at any minute?

These are the ducks with the good genes - the 20/20 vision - no need for the goggles to keep their contacts in.

Actually - I take it back that they are as cute. They're a little scary. The oglers...

Staring us down. I think I like the ducks that need goggles better.

Look - one goggle duck escaped into the ogler pond - call the authorities!!!

So, the fair is really over now. Until next year. When I'll check in on the ducks.


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