Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Last week, one night I practiced it wholeheartedly. And it involved a great deal of potatoes and cheese. So, I really don't see how it could be a sin.

First, my colleague Karen had a colleague in from the Marine Band for the week and she arranged a Happy Hour in her honor. We headed out to the Palomino, located close to the office, and with a very nice "bar food" menu. It was a beautiful fall day, so we elected to sit outdoors.

The view from our table.

Then we summarily ordered up and devoured a Mojito, some Gorgonzola cheese fries, and yes, that's right, some cheese fondue. Some potatoes with cheese and a side of cheese. It was so good.

Marvelous mojitos.

Gorgeous Gorgonzola cheese fries.

Scrumptious cheese fondue.

Just so you know, we did not ask for that healthy fruit to be delivered to the table. It just came with the cheese. So, we tried to not let it break the mood and we ate it anyway.

While we were in the area, we wandered into the main lobby of the Hotel Crescent Court. Gluttony for the eyes, I tell you. This is a swanky place.

Center table in the, well, center of the main lobby.

Close up of those gorgeous orchids on the center table.

Garden walk outside the main lobby.

After our walk down, "never can afford it" lane, we hopped back in the car and headed home. I did go home - for a second - before heading back out to meet by friend Maria for dinner. Maria suggested we eat at Snuffers so we could have a beer and have some cheese fries. I know. You're thinking - didn't you already drink an adult beverage and eat cheese fries? Yes. I did. Exactly my point. A gluttonous evening.

Anyhoo, I headed over to Snuffers to meet Maria and have some more potatoes and cheese. We had a lovely time catching up and eating and drinking. If it makes my sin any better, I had a dinner salad with my cheese fries at Snuffers. I know. It changes nothing. I just makes me look weird. Its OK. I'm OK with that.

Snuffers Swiss and cheddar fries.

I missed getting a photo of our Shiner Bocks, (in my opinion the world's greatest beer) but they were good too.

Gluttony ruled the world one night last week - my world, anyway. And, man was it good.

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