Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We've been going strong on the weekends lately. You've read about all that action here at Ate Up Amateur in the past few weeks. But, this past weekend, we had very little on our plates. We went over to S's brother's house for a while to help them paint their house before the new baby arrives, and I went to my weekly covenant group meeting at my church. Other than that, we had nothing planned. We stayed at home. And it was grand. So, to commemorate this lovely downtime, I captured a few shots of the outside of our house as the last gasps of summer flowers are still around and hints of fall have begun to appear.

As the sun set on the weekend and the porch light came on...

...and the door is decorated for the season.

Lots of my potted plants are nearing the end of their summer lifespans, but are still beautiful, I think.

A bloom on one of the potato vines.

Giant elephant ears.

Coleus and begonias beginning to fade under the giant elephant ears.

One lonely flower on the geranium plant.

The Mexican Heather still showing off its color.

If you can believe it, this plant is three years old.

And it has produced beautiful daisies all summer long.

The grasses are showing off their late summer plumes.

And the flag is still up.

The Japanese Maple begins to start turning toward fall.

And the red buds are thinking about that too.

On this lazy weekend at home.

Even Ellie, with her blurry nose, wonders when the action will start back up.

What a great time it was to have time to relax, to do nothing, to catch up on reading, cleaning, laundry, cooking and conversation with one another. And, to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I love weekends like the one we just had. Bring more of those weekends, please!

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