Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Saturday morning, I headed out to Ft. Worth again - second time in 30 days - this time, with my good friend Tricia, and this time to go to "Christmas in Cowtown". This event is basically a holiday-themed bazaar of multiple booths full of vendors from all over selling all kinds of stuff. It's girly and fun. So, we went.

Tricia next to the "Christmas in Cowtown" boot.

We bought several items this year. I purchased a vintage reproduction fabric cowgirl apron and a vintage reproduction fabric Christmas tablecloth. I also purchased a wedding gift for the wedding we attended Saturday night, outlined later in this post, and a necklace...

...and this ring, proudly displayed on my pale, short, squatty hand.

This is the third ring I've purchased from China Baroque, these ladies from Houston who break up pieces of china and make those pieces into jewelry - pendants, earrings, rings - even belt buckles. It is all very cool stuff. I am mostly a fan of the rings. So, I bought another one. It was very hard to decide. But, I ended up with the one in the photo above.

I'm sure you can guess that a trip to Ft. Worth with me must have also included lunch at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant. Your guess would be correct! After we shopped 'til we dropped, we headed over to the best patio in the southwest on yet another beautiful fall day.

The bar next to where you wait for your table.

That same pretty walkway I photographed before.

The covered patio pavilion we sat in to eat this time around.

Me, photographed by Tricia.

Tricia, photographed by me. Aren't we clever?

A lovely patio pool we passed on the way out.

It was a fabulous trip and a great time with a great friend.

After we drove back to Dallas, it was time to get ready to go to the wedding. This wedding was the youngest son of a family S grew up with and his bride. The oldest son was in our wedding, and S was in his. S's younger brothers were both in this wedding, so, while we don't know the bride and groom that well, we knew lots of people at the wedding. It took place at Scofield Memorial Christian Church in Dallas. It is a really beautiful sanctuary. The bride and groom don't attend this church, but the church they attend is just building their sanctuary, so they got married at the church listed above.

Front and center in the sanctuary is this beautiful stained glass window, which, at 5:30 CDT, has a great view of the sunset.

Which made it sort of hard to see the ceremony.

Alexandra's dad was in the wedding, so she was there.

And enjoyed checking out Scofield's carpeting.

Here, S tried to get her attention while she was being held by her mom.

There were friends at the wedding we don't get to see very often, and it was nice to catch up. Here are Scott and Holly on the left. And, Holly is scheduled to have that baby in two weeks. It's a boy.

S and me, taken by S's dad. I hate it when he commandeers my camera.

After the ceremony, we headed to Dallas Heritage Village for the reception. It was in a large enclosed gazebo-like structure. It was a nice night, but it was a little warm inside the building. In the center of the room were these paper lanterns, hanging from the ceiling. I definitely thought they were cool. And, yes, I did stand in the middle of the reception by myself and shot my camera straight up at the ceiling to get a couple of these shots. And, yes, S said people were staring. But, bless my heart, I had to get THAT shot.

The cake was feeling the heat - it was lilting a bit to the right.

Here's the groom's cake - the groom is a policeman.

I took the cake photos with no flash - they are a tad blurry. The topper on the groom's cake was high spirited and a bit unusual, though, I thought, so I wanted to include it.

Since it was a little warm, and the seating was a little tight, after we visited with some family and friends, S and I headed back outside to enjoy the evening air. I got him to stand for a second in front of the little white church they have on the property.

Doesn't he look nice?

I decided to take a few shots from our vantage point outdoors. They had some candles along the path.

Candle outside the reception.

S's vantage point of the reception from the bench we found outside.

Looking down on the candle. I really like this shot.

We headed out before the party was over. S had had a long week, so he was ready to call it a night. It had been a full day.

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