Monday, October 27, 2008

Luncheons and Illnesses

Nice title, huh? Well this past weekend, I was supposed to do a lot of fun stuff. I had a "girls night out" party to attend Friday night, a cooking class, lunch and photos to take on Saturday, as well as the theater on Saturday night. But, I didn't do any of that. It was all canceled. Because I woke up Friday sick as a dog. I actually felt it coming on Thursday, but I chose to ignore that and hope it went away quickly. It didn't. I was down for the count for two days. It stunk. So, I have little of interest to talk about today. I was going to take a photo of myself, sick, after two days in the house. You know, in the interest of keeping it real. But, then I thought, I want them to come back and read my blog another day. So, no sick photos. Or, photos of me sick. Or, maybe sick photos was right.

One thing to talk about - before I got sick - I went to this lovely luncheon hosted by some arts volunteers. I am not much of a "lady who lunches." I don't have the time, money or wardrobe for it. And, really, I am just not one of those fabulous women who look grand all the time and help the world in their sleep. But, I joined them for lunch last week. And of course I took my purse camera along and snapped to my heart's content throughout the event.

One of the lovely centerpieces.

And another one.

The table setting.

The table.

The butter - come on, I know you were hoping for a close up of the butter.
I'm here to please.

The event, since it was hosted by an arts volunteer group, started, after the welcome, with a presentation by a young student violinist and his accompanist. He was a very well spoken young man who had only been playing the violin for four years.

Bobby playing the violin.

Incidentally, I know Bobby's dad - he's a development guru over at the Dallas Children's Theater. If you have children and you live in Dallas, and you're not taking them to the Dallas Children's Theater's fabulous productions, you are missing out. And so is your child. Take a moment and check them out. I know, I know, the outside of the building still looks like a Don Carter bowling alley. Get over it. The inside is beautiful and the productions are amazing. Anyway, Bobby's dad also went through the same graduate school program that I went through at SMU.

Another shot of Bobby at work.

I took this second shot because the sun came out and created that great pattern on the wall behind Bobby - while the violin playing looks essentially the same, I thought the shot was more interesting with the sun detail in the back. And, really Bobby was way further into the piece when the sun came out. He had done quite a bit more work since the previous photo. He was almost finished.

After Bobby finished performing, everyone clapped and gave him a rousing cheer. Then lunch was served. As you know, I often take photos of food plates when I'm out to eat. And, on a day like this one, it might have been more normal to do this than usual. But, for some reason I didn't take one photo of the food plate. I guess I was hungry. It was good. Never fear.

After lunch came the fashion show.

This was the designer, Terri Ives.

The jewelry on display (and for sale) -
by an exclusive Dallas designer that works only for Ms. Ives.

The designer explained that her jewelry artist sometimes designs pieces especially to go with one of her couture designs. All very fancy and nice. I should also mention the models this year were volunteers from the volunteer group - not professional models. I think you'll agree with me - this is a model volunteer group when you look at the photos.

She explained as she went along that all of her pieces can be modified for what you like, for how it fits on your body, etc. Her signature "thing" is large collars and special sleeve treatments, which you'll see a lot of in the photos. She also explained the hottest fashion trends this fall. I'll highlight some of those as we look at the photos.

Hottest trend shown here - lace - lace on the sleeves and bottom of the dress on the left.

The coat dress is big this fall.
She also explained an asymmetrical skirt looks good on just about anyone.

Patterned fabrics and animal prints/textures are still big.
This fall's most popular animal? Leopard (on the right). Faux, of course.

Another asymmetrical skirt on the left, showing off another big trend this fall - belts.

I have to say that chevron print outfit on the left looked exquisite on its model. She's pretty and very thin. But, that fabric was very thick. Let's just say, if I put that outfit on, I suddenly would look like I decided to wear the barn blanket to work. Oh, but aren't her boots cool? Now, I'd wear those boots, no problem.

The evening wear and "mother of the bride" collection.

I just loved that fuchsia one on the right. It had a scoop back which looked fabulous on the little lady who wore it. If I had to choose one thing to buy, I'd buy that one. And, you know, wear it around the back yard. Where else?

After the fashion show came the dessert and coffee bar.

Mmmmm. Dessert.

Needless to say, we took time to cram in dessert before heading back to work.

So, there you go. There's my report from last week, given the illness and all, I guess that's not too bad.


  1. This one time I thought that the Meyerson buffet butter balls were white I was like "Karl, look at these chocolates!", and then proceeded to put a whole butter ball in my mouth. It was terrible!

  2. Now THAT is funny - actually, a woman I worked with in Indiana, who was from Spain, once thought butter was cheese and took a big swig. I think she figured out quickly that we Americans like a lot of butter, but maybe not quite that much. ;)


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