Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dallas Center for the Performing Arts

Winspear Opera House under construction

By the look of the construction boom in the downtown arts district, one would have a hard time thinking there was a recession going on. A global economic crisis. A reason to hold on to your money.

Nope, the arts district is going strong. There is new commercial, residential and retail space. The arts magnet high school just reopened in new digs. The Meyerson Symphony Center, home of the Dallas Symphony and others, has new signage and a new music director therein. Museum Tower is in the planning stages. And, the Nasher Sculpture Center, Crow Collection of Asian Art and the Dallas Museum of Art are going strong.

Next fall, the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts will open. It will house The Dallas Opera, the Dallas Theater Center, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Texas Ballet Theater, and more. I walk by the construction of the buildings regularly, so here are some shots of the progress. I took a few photos about a month ago, when the red exterior was just going up, and then again last week.

You can see the red exterior just going up in this photo.

They started putting these panels up right before a hurricane arrived,
so I assume they knew it was up there for the long haul!

A show of the progress a month ago from inside the Meyerson lobby.

The progress from just last week - that red exterior really makes a difference.

From inside the Meyerson lobby -
these two lobbies, from two famous architects, will forever be neighbors.

From just inside the Meyerson glass.

The beginning of the exterior canopy that will envelope the opera house
is visible in the back of this photo.

The other building of the Center is the Wyly Theater. It sits across what will be a grand plaza one day. I've always said its form reminds me of Sponge Bob Square Pants. But I digress.

Wyly from the Meyerson lobby, one month ago.

Exterior of Wyly, one month ago.

It was also designed by a famous architect.

And, the Wyly's progress, as of last week.

As the speech makers always say, it's an exciting time for the arts in Dallas. And, it certainly is. I only hope the citizens of Dallas take notice of all this great art and frequent it regularly in the coming years. People in this collection of world class buildings will be the only thing that will bring the arts district alive for generations to come. I, for one, will be there!


  1. Whew, I had to remind myself who was writing. You started sounding like someone else for a minute there at the end. :)

    HOW EXCITING!!! I can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. I love photo progression of the arts district. What an exciting time for Dallas and its residents to be encircled by great Art.


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