Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Keepin' It Real

One of the blogs I like to read - Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - always talks about keepin' it real. Well, I can't keep it as real as she does - I don't have a ranch and a gaggle of cows and dogs and kids. But, while sitting in the chair at the beauty shop last Friday, I thought - here's an opportunity to share my angst and insecurity with my blog reading public. So, here we go.

And, **BONUS**, these photos were taken with the camera phone!

So, I headed to the salon the other day to get my hair colored and cut. Somehow, reaching my mid-30's, I have collected an ever-increasing number of gray hairs right on top of my head. Thanks to my sweet mother-in-law, I tried full color kits at home a few times with her assistance, and really I thought they did a pretty good job. Until, that is, I tried the kit in the summer. In the summer, my hair lightens quite a bit, which I didn't really realize until I colored it with the perfect color from the winter and it suddenly looked way too dark and drab. So, I thought, maybe I'm being silly. Maybe I need no color at all. So, I let it wear out and - SHAZAM - I have TONS of gray hair. Still.

This led me to believe maybe it was worth paying someone a gajillion dollars over my lifetime to color it for me. I have a FABULOUS friend that cuts my hair. She is a super talented wonder of a hair person. Every time I asked, "Michelle, do you think you could cover the gray in my hair?" she would calmly answer, "Yes, whenever you're ready to try it."

I decided it was time to let Michelle give it a whirl. I made the appointment and Michelle was there at the ready. She explained we could do all over color, which would certainly cover the gray, but could possibly grow out faster, or we could highlight some of the hair a lighter color with the idea that the grays would blend in to a lighter color better. And, it tends to take longer to look like you need to renew the process. If you take the highlighting route, you can either highlight on top or all over.

After careful deliberating inside my little head, I decided to try highlighting just on top. I came to this decision because I thought why pay to do what my mother-in-law can already do? And, I thought I could try the highlighting to see if it covered enough gray without paying to highlight my whole head. I felt pretty good making it that far in the decision making process on this front.

Me, in the chair, after Michelle counted the gray and I made the first round of decisions.

As you can tell from the photo, the decisions had already taken a toll. Michelle then took out the color book. Lord help me. I sort of just sat there until Michelle talked herself into a decision and I agreed with her. There was no way I was qualified to make that decision on my own.

So, Michelle set out to highlight the top of my head. The cream she used for that was bright yellow, which was a strange proposition to think that was going to turn out to a good color. But, I went with it. I was in for the full try. It's only hair.

Me in the chair, with highlight fluid in process.

After she foiled me up and I sat there for a while, she carefully took all that metal out of my hair and washed it before she cut it and styled it. And, from the photo, I was enjoying myself!

The end result.

It always looks better after Michelle cuts and styles it. And, I realize you can't really tell one darn thing from this photo about the highlights. They are subtle - er, natural. They look good, I guess. But, they don't really help the gray "blend." I'm not so sure I'm a highlights girl, but we'll let it wear a while and we'll see.

So, there you have it - my trip to color what God gave me (or keeps giving me more of) to a more pleasing tint. Next up - the dentist!

Just kidding.

Sort of.


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