Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom's engagement photo

Today my mother turns 60 years young. But, you didn't hear that from me. Today's post is all about my dear mother to wish her a wonderful day. And, if I get the photos marked not quite in the right year, I'm sure you'll all forgive me.

Mom was born in Indiana and has lived her whole life there on the south side of Indianapolis, barring world trips to Tahiti, Ethiopia, Jerusalem, Ecuador and the like. Her mother was 36 when she was born, and by the home movies I've seen, she was very loved. She was an only child for 6 years, when her brother Brent was born. This was a bittersweet moment in her life, she remembers, but he grew on her. She loves having a brother now!

Hastings family Christmas card, circa 1956

She graduated from Southport High School and went on to attend Purdue University.

High School Graduation Photo

Taken while enrolled at Purdue, while home on holiday.
(Incidentally, I have this photo framed in my house and people regularly think its me!)

When she left Purdue, she got a job at Eli Lilly, where her dad worked. (And her mom had worked once, too.) She recently retired from Lilly in June. At Lilly, she met my dad, they got married and had us kids. We had a wonderful growing up time filled with great memories. She was a great mom. She stayed home with us for a few years before going back to work, first at a waters lab, and then back to Lilly.

She spent lots of time with us when we were little. She taught us to read, spell (I remember her teaching me the trick to spelling the very hard first grade word, t0-get-her) and count, how to play games, how to brush our teeth and clean behind our ears, how to enjoy crafts and learning new things, and how to be responsible citizens of the world. She taught us that you have to be on your death bed to stay home from school, that you certainly don't need more than 16 crayons, and that you shouldn't waste paper, food or really anything. She taught us how to use and balance a checking account, to have a healthy respect for budgeting wisely, and how to make our own doctor appointments. She taught us to care for others - for animals, for those less fortunate than we were, for our family and friends. She taught us to respect all living things, all human beings and to treat everyone as we would want to be treated. And, lots of other useful things I remember as I go through my normal daily life.

Family photo circa 1975

Family photo circa 1981

My parents later divorced, but our family still makes lots of wonderful memories, in large part because of my mom. In high school and college, she was one of our biggest advocates and a good friend. She cheered us on at graduations and helped me plan my wedding. She helped me move too many times to count, always in 98 degree Texas summer weather. (I could never move in the winter!) She's eagerly awaited the arrival of each of her grandchildren. She has also given me sage advice in myriad situations as I continue to learn and grow.

Family photo Christmas 2000

Family photo Christmas 2003

She is very active in her church and has volunteered with several charitable groups over the years. She gives lots of hours to others, that's for sure. She's a woman of God and a good Christian. And, she always has time to talk to her kids and help us out any way we'll let her. She's very proud of us, and we know it.

My brother, his wife and mom at his graduation.

And, she LOVES having grandchildren. My brother and his wife have three beautiful children that live near her and she spends lots of time with.

Mom (Nana) and Veda, circa Christmas 2003

Nana and Cora, circa Christmas 2006

Nana, Deacon and Veda, circa Christmas 2006

Nana and Deacon circa August 2007

Veda and Cora with Nana, Christmas 2007

Nana and her grandkids, circa August 2005

She spends time cooking for the family and has us get together. She works hard to make everyone feel welcome.

Mom serving S a birthday cake on his big day with the family all around.

She's a great listener, reasoner, helper, thinker, do-er, and friend. She's a fabulous mother, and I'm so glad she's my mom. I love her to death! And, I wish her a wonderful 60th year, and MANY, MANY more Happy Birthdays.


  1. Happy birthday, Mom!!!

    Wow!!! The first picture looks JUST like you. Genetics are amazing to me.

  2. Thank you my dear, dear daughter. Your words are way to kind and (thankfully) leave out all the not so wonderful things I did as a Mom. You know the ones... those you and your brother tease me about so often when we are together. The ones that make me laugh so hard I cry and beg for mercy.

    And gee wiz, a person might think I had died and you were speaking at my funeral. :-))

    I love you very much. And of course I could hear the tears in your voice when you left the message telling me to be sure to check the blog. I know that you know that there are tears here too...

    Thanks again and may God bless you at least as much as you have blessed me as my daughter.

    Your 69 year young Mom
    xxxxxx oooooo

  3. Cool post. May I just say that your brother has the most beautiful children! So photogenic! More pictures of them, please.
    Just some stranger with great taste and not your brother

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  5. Sorry, I'm not sure what happen with the last comment I posted. I agree with the last comment. Those are beautiful children!! I have many special memories spent with all of you, although they are mostly from childhood when she baby-sat me. I still remember many nights our 2 families would get together for dinner and we'd have spagetti-O's and mac n cheese. I don't know why that sticks in my head.
    Recently she has helped me out alot with trying to get Gabe to be more independent in going to sunday school at church. We love you Aunt Vicki!


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