Friday, November 21, 2008

A Different Wedding

A stylized version of Tricia and Wayne

I never posted photos from my good friends, Tricia and Wayne's wedding. I said I was going to, but I say a lot of things and it takes be forever to get around to doing it. And, since I've bored some of you with wedding photos this week, I thought I'd make a full week of it.

Tricia and her grandmother at the wedding, doing the Hokey Pokey!

A long while back, I posted this series of photos from their rehearsal dinner that captured a great conversation her grandmother and uncle had.

I met Tricia when I went to college. SMU, my Alma Mater and hers, matched us as compatible pot-luck roommates our freshman year. I'll have to dig up some photos of our room - we could lie in our respective beds, which were on opposite sides of the room - and still reach out and touch fingers in the middle of the room. Cozy.

Anyway, since then, Tricia and I have been friends. She lives fairly close, and since I moved back to Dallas, we've tried to see each other with some regularity. I met Wayne about a year ago, I think. He and Tricia met on the Internet - not on a dating site - but, in a sci-fi chat room! He's a wonderful, funny guy and so good to Tricia. And, we're now glad to call him a friend as well. Here's a little from their wedding.

This was a lovely wedding. It had all the usual things:


...and centerpieces...

...and cake...

...and favors.

But, besides getting to see two good friends get married to one another, what made this wedding one to remember was that it was sort of like a little mini-reunion of all our friends from college. It was so good to see everyone. So, instead of going on with the photos of the "things," the rest of the post will be focused on the "people."

Brian and Kevin were there.

This is the Brian I mentioned in Wednesday's post as having played piano as part of our wedding.

Jon was there.

Jon, while being a great friend, as also a wonderful person to have at a party. He knows all the moves to, "YMCA" (even the ones around the part everyone knows), and he'll get out there and dance to any tune they play. He has fun. And people have fun around him because he's having fun. He even "took one for the team" and caught the garter. He's a good guy.

Jon and Mark

Mark and Faleena were also there, as well as Mark's parents. (S's parents also attended, as well as his aunt and uncle, who Tricia has gotten to know over the years.) Mark has his own blog, which you'll want to check out and read with regularity. He and Faleena live in LA where they of course live the life of Hollywood glamour. They showed me around one weekend. They are very gracious hosts.

Marcia and Eddie were there.

Marcia and I bonded in college because we were some of the only music majors who also participated in the marching band. We didn't play our music school instruments, but we did bang some big cymbals loud enough and long enough to cause irreparable hearing loss, I am sure, for both of us. Eddie was in the band, too, and that's where they met. I was in their wedding, and apparently, offer up quite a bit of comic relief on the video - it was my first stint as a maid of honor - I was a little nervous. Marcia and Eddie have three beautiful daughters.

Me, Mark and Marcia

When we played the cymbals, Mark played the bass drum. We stood in this order. It's all about nostalgia.

S and Kellie

Kellie and S were "freshmen brothers," which is what you call it in the band when you are in the same freshman class. Kellie and I threw Tricia and Wayne a shower back in April. She lives in Austin and has a son - and another baby on the way. She and S figured out in college that somehow, through marriage on S's mother's side, they are distantly related. Can't you see the family resemblance?

Todd and Kathy

Kathy was in the band with us. She was the only one who didn't have to get dressed in men's clothes to perform. (The SMU Mustang Band wears men's suits as marching apparel.) She was the twirler. And a champion twirler at that. She was the doll of the outfit. She is also one of the sweetest, most genuine people you'll ever meet. She and Todd have two little boys.

Tricia and me. What sort of face is that I'm making?

Wayne and S. Two handsome dudes.

The bride and groom, Wayne and Tricia.

I could tell a ton of stories here about Tricia that would make you laugh. And, the people in this post could tell a ton on me. But, any time I write Tricia's name, I remember specifically in college the time she decided to decorate our dorm room door. She really went to town. It looked really nice, except that the main elements were a giant "T & A" right across the center. I told her she had to take that part down. Right away.

All the SMU Band folks in one photo.

So, here you see all the great college friends we had all together in one photo. There's Jeff and Carolann, and Jenny and Jennifer and Steve and lots more. What a great reunion it was! And, a great reason to get together.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful weekend. Mine includes a baby shower and an antebellum 50th birthday, no kidding, with costumes. Posts here next week about all of that. See you then!

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