Friday, November 28, 2008

Brunch with Friends

Blurry shot of Mercury Grill decor.

Since we had friends in town last weekend for the baby shower, some of us gathered the next morning for brunch at the Mercury Grill. It was lovely to have some time to visit again and to eat a nice meal together.

These photos were taken with the purse camera in very low light, so this is just a "quick and dirty" photo essay of our time together. You're probably reading this between shop-a-thons, so I thought I'd make the post quick today, for you, of course, my blog readers that I love.

We ate some good food.

And we talked a lot. Mostly, about the economy. Sorry, it was a table of mostly MBA's. It's what MBA's do when they get together. And, of course, we had our insider, Wilma, with us, giving us the perspective from the FED. So, go out there, on this day after Thanksgiving, and give the economy and boost!

Stacy and Henry...

...and their side of the table.

Deborah, John and S...

...and the other end of the table.

Heading out...

...and saying final good-byes.

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