Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Update

I have several photographs of various and sundry items that I shot this past weekend. It'll take me a while to get them up here, as you know. I mean, really, we're still visiting Europe on the blog, and we arrived home from that little trip two months ago.

Today, however, the first day of June, I thought I'd show you the progress Steve made on the treehouse, courtesy of the photographic art shot by his lovely wife Terri, I presume. And, I have some photos I took with my camera phone on a bike ride we took yesterday.

I hope you were sitting down for that. It's so exciting it might have caused you to fall over with complete abandon otherwise.

There's Steve, at a break in the progress, and showing off the "new" ladder.

And, a photo of what has to be ALMOST the finished product.

And the kids...either sunning themselves...or worn out?

So, progress continues! Maybe Deacon was right when he said it would be finished, "Sunday or Tuesday."

Now on to the camera phone photos of our Sunday morning bike ride - we rode about 22 miles Sunday morning. We didn't get up as early as I had hoped, given the heat that was going to set in for the day, but we did pretty good. We were on the road by 9:30. Only about 1.5 hours after my intended start time. That's pretty good for us on a Sunday. This also means we did get some sun, but not too bad.

The idea of the ride was to "make sure" we could ride 20 miles. Because, next Saturday, I want to do the Mesquite Rodeo Bike Race 33K. And, that's approximately 20 miles. S wasn't sure we could do it. I knew we could. You'll notice, if you follow that link, that the 33K, barring the "family fun ride", is the shortest distance. We're still very much in the novice category. The cool thing to me though, is this time, S can ride with me in the real thing. It's co-ed. How nice.

Last week, we drove out to Mesquite and went around the course in S's truck. There are a few hills once you drive out of town and onto the "rural" roads - but it's at least half completely flat. And there is a rest area half way through. So I figure we can do it, and it'll be a good challenge for us to keep our butts moving in the right direction. That is, to move towards the goal of having less butt to move. ;)

For those of you with more delicate sensibilities, I'm sorry to have used the word butt in a Monday morning post - not once but now three times - but, it had to be done. And, I'm sure if you've been coming to my blog for any length of time, your sensibilities were already worn thin way before today. Welcome to Monday. Wake up people - look alive!

We took a couple of water breaks on the ride yesterday morning. And, when we stopped, I was struck with how pretty the lake looked. All I had with me was my phone. So, I had to try to capture the prettiness with the camera phone. You know, the camera phone can take some pretty good shots under the right conditions. I'm not sure it captured exactly what I saw - the sun was getting pretty close to high noon, and the photos are a little hazy and washed out for the most part - but it was a fun experiment so I thought I'd share.

That's S's bike and helmet taking a rest.

Here's one pretty view of the lake.

I thought that reedy grass would make a nice shot.

It sort of did, I guess.

But, by far the best one is this one of the flowers.
Pretty darn good for a camera phone, no?

We did complete the 22 mile ride. We smelled really good at the end of it. Too bad the Internet isn't scratch and sniff. Heh heh.

We kept an even pace throughout, though, and we're going to try our hand at the Rodeo Race next Saturday. Of course, I'll re-cap it here for you next week. Bad photos and all.

For the rest of the week - I've got another "cooking basics" post I hope to get up, as well as some photos from Prague and from a trip we took to Farmers Branch. And, of course, those photos of the park near the lake at dusk. And, who knows what might happen between now and then that might stop me from posting any of that because I've come up with another plan. Who knows. See you tomorrow.

I do promise to post some photos I took that I actually think are good sometime soon -
you know, in the spirit of the blog and everything.
I promise.

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