Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunrise, Take 2

The sun rose right out of the Atlantic's waters.

We went out to see the sun rise again yesterday morning, since Wednesday's was sort of a bust with regard to actually seeing the sun and all. This time, it didn't disappoint. I have more photos of the sun than one could ever possibly need. And I can't delete even one of them. They are all so beautiful! These examples are all SOOC (straight out of the camera) because I barely have time to download them and upload here before I'm off to the next tour related event. But, these need no help at all - the subject did all the work. If you want to see others, check out my Flickr page - they are all uploaded there, or will be shortly.

The clouds were perfectly placed Thursday morning,
as opposed to masking the sun from view completely as they did on Wednesday.

Once it makes it's appearance, that sun really gets a move on!

What a glorious site it was - totally worth waking up early!

A perfectly placed sailboat just meandered by.
(Just in case you were wondering, the sun didn't move to the right.
I moved to the left. Ahem.)

Last night we were in Miami until past Midnight, and today we're driving to Orlando, then everyone flies home tomorrow while I spend a day with my dad before flying home Sunday afternoon. I'll share more about Florida when I post here next week.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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