Friday, March 27, 2009

The Birds around Arevee Drive

While walking around Arevee drive at dusk, we spotted several bird varieties around this here pond.

There were these ducks, which I saw at White Rock Lake once and called turkeys.

The female version.

There were these ducks with very orange beaks.

And there was this pretty stork-like bird.

But the big show was this.

This mama and daddy bird with their little babies.
Look carefully to see the little orange babies on the right of the mama.

Here, they are under the mama's feathers.

Daddy was keepin' watch.

Apparently, before they fly off for the season, when the babies are bigger,
they strut them through the development to show them off.

Look there - the baby heads are coming out of mama's feathers.

They were listening to the daddy bird squawk.

But then they settled back inside the mama feathers.
I bet it's a real nice place for a baby bird.

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