Monday, March 9, 2009


I arrived in Florida last night at midnight. So, I have no photos for you yet - maybe later today. So, I thought I'd update you on some other stuff.

First, S is still getting better. Yay for that. And, he was able to go meet is nephew Andrew on Saturday night! He was so excited to meet him. I of course took my camera to take some photos of S with Andrew.

But - and this is the first time this has ever happened - my flash card malfunctioned. I am JUST SICK about this, because I didn't really capture the three or four photos I took with S holding the new baby. SICK. SICK, I tell ya. And, they were so precious. You could tell how proud S was to hold him and finally meet him. They were awesome photos, if I do say so myself. But, I don't have them. Did I mention it makes me sick?

Before we left, I picked up the camera again for a second and got a funny reading on the back of the camera. So, I actually opened the flash card holder, took it out and put it back in. It didn't even cross my mind the previous photos had not taken - they flashed up there on the screen and everything. Normally, if there isn't a flash card, the camera won't even take a photo.

Those were sweet dreams, I guess...

Anyhoo, I got home with those four photos of him lying in his little bed, and that is it. They are precious too, but I was so looking forward to getting home and looking at those photos of S and Andrew. And they don't exist. I am still sad about it.

Luckily, S's brother Michael - Andrew's dad - took a few photos as well. They aren't the photos I saw on my camera, and I am, as I have stated but I'll say again, very sad about missing, but at least they are lovely photos of S and little Andrew! I am so thankful he also took some photos!

There is even one here of me holding the babe.

So, that's the latest on the weekend - laundry, packing, errands rounded out the festivities. Oh -and our dogs got out of the backyard for a while. That was scary. But, they hadn't gone far. And, I had a guitar lesson before I left town. And, when we stopped to get something to eat on the way to the airport I thought we were caught in a Twilight Zone movie because we were the only people in the restaurant and they played the same song over and over and over. That's it. And, no photos to prove it but these. I'll be back with stuff about Florida soon.

But, before I sign off, I have to THANK the people who joined the "follower" section of my blog! Thanks! Now I have FOUR readers - it's beginning to look a lot more like reality. ;)

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  1. What a beautiful baby! So sorry about the camera malfunction. That's too bad. But at least you have the others.


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