Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sit down before you read any further. That is, if you're standing at your computer.

Oh, and sorry this post is later than normal, but I just took photos this morning, and I had to get them uploaded.

Ready? OK. I got up - after not retiring last night after a concert until 12:30 AM - at 5:30 AM this morning to drive to the beach with two of my co-workers to watch the sunrise. And take photos of said event. I know. You're astonished. A sunrise? Really? Well, yes.

When you get up at that hour, you catch the moon still in the sky. Last night was a full moon, so I tried to capture it's grandeur in the great cloudy sky. I didn't have a tripod.

A couple of them aren't bad. Eventually, we turned our attention to the rising sun. This morning, the clouds were a little too thick to be helpful at the horizon. So, we didn't ever really see the ball come over the edge of the water. But, it was cool to watch it progress.

Hello sun. Good morning to you.
So glad to see you came back.

That's Victor over there, gathering seashells.

And, there's Paul and Victor, checking out the scenery.
Paul's a a photographer too - a Nikon guy.

A bird flew by...

There are my feet!
The sound of the waves made me sleepy.
Oh wait, I was sleepy.

This is my early morning face.

Victor and Paul figured out all the world's problems at the Atlantic's edge.
Then we went for breakfast.

There's a wave crashing against the rocks -
you know, where the Man of War were hanging out the other day.
It was generally a calm sea, though.

Me and the sunrise.

On the way back to the car we saw some flora - these must be night or morning blooms - they were not there when I was at the beach in the afternoon.

Interesting weedy bush-plant thingy.

And, for my last shot, I somehow was able to focus the camera on this one blade of grass.
Had I tried to do that, it would have never worked.

We have no official duties today, so I am now going to nap, then head out to check out a few things that I hope to share with you here tomorrow.

Oh - and THANKS - I now have SEVEN - count them - S-E-V-E-N - followers. SO COOOOOLLLL!!!!! I LOVE IT! If you don't know how to do it, watch this video. It'll teach ya how.

Best wishes for a lovely Wednesday!

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