Tuesday, March 10, 2009

West Palm Beach

The first couple of days of the tour are in West Palm Beach. As you know, I got here Sunday night in advance of the group so I could be here to make sure the hotel was ready for them and check them in. I met with our tour coordinator Monday morning and then had a few hours to explore before check-in began. And, late at night and early in the morning, I have some time in my room to download photos and post them on here for you!

I drove 2 miles to the beach, and then just "around". One thing is for sure - there are some wealthy people in these parts - hard to tell the world is in a recession.

The most interesting thing I found "around" was an old Episcopal church. Very cool. I'm not sure when I got so into church architecture, but I found way more cool things to photograph than I did at the beach. It was a fairly sunny day, but just a tad on the overcast side, which made the beach photos not so exciting to me. So, here are the highlights.

Sidebar - do you ever think, when I say, "here are the highlights" and then I barrage you with like 30 photos, what on earth I could have left I out? Do you think, "Geez, how many photos did she take if these are just the highlights?" I bet you do. Sorry. I take too many pictures. Then I can't decide what to post. So, as I said, here are the highlights.

This one is of the Kravis Center.
Taken by the camera phone, amazingly.

Looks like a nice place.
(This one was with the Rebel.)

Next to the hotel is this fancy retail/restaurant area called CityPlace.
(this one by the camera phone)

This one and the next are at CityPlace at night.
(taken with the purse camera)

To get to the beach, about 2 miles from the hotel, you drive over a big bridge and through these trees.

There is the bridge...

...and the bridge with the drawbridge up...this water is an inland causeway.

Finally - West Palm Beach.

There were plenty of people at the beach yesterday.

The lifeguards were on duty - I wondered what the flags meant...

...oh look - a sign! So, a gold flag means "medium hazard" and a purple flag means "dangerous marine life." Hmmm...

More information was on this sign - Man of War sighted...this did not deter people from getting in the water.

It was pretty enticing - I walked down to the water's edge.

The water washed up over my feet, but that was it!

A self portrait.

The problem with the beach, though, is I am not equipped for it. I am pale. I am fat. I didn't bring sunscreen, wear a swimsuit or bring a blanket or towel to sit on. Or an umbrella for over my head. But, I walked to the water anyway, in my sandals with my "winter toes" hanging out - I need to work on the winter toes sometime soon since it's already spring in Dallas, too.

This one was right after the water washed over me.

Here are the shoes after walking back to the boardwalk.

Dirty feet and dirty shoes.

I caught this sailboat as it went by...

Ok, so here's a question - what are these trees growing?

What are those things?

As I mentioned, lots of very wealthy people live here.

The street diverts around this property.

And, this is The Breakers, where other wealthy people come to visit.

While I was driving around, I found this great church to photograph, as I stated above.

When I saw this cornerstone, I thought it must be VERY old.
But, then I read the website - since 1889 - that's still old, I guess, but not THIS old.

It is beautiful on the inside.

It has a pretty little rectory.

But, the outside was exquisite with plants and architecture.

I just loved it.
I loved taking photos of this area.

Just beautiful.

So, there you go - after my first full day on the road I got a post up for you. Hope to see you again tomorrow with more photos of life on the road!


  1. Maybe those there things are coconuts?

  2. I don't know why, but I've always loved pictures of doorways. I love the ones from the church! You take beautiful photographs. Makes me want to pick it up again! (although I sold my nice film camera and only own a digital point and shoot). :(


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