Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Europe Downloads, Day Two

Today will be our last day in Prague and the last day before we fly home. So, while we take new photos in Prague I will entertain you here with more random downloads! And, again, today, I apologize for the wonky spacing.

This is S, the day we flew in, almost two weeks ago, falling asleep in the lobby of a hotel in Birmingham, UK.
We slept really good that night.

Leeds Town Hall, I think. (UK)

It was cold the day we walked around Amsterdam.

S in a cafe in Bielefeld, Germany -with a file problem showing at the bottom.
I'll fix it when I get home.

The bottom of a chandelier in a cafe in Cologne, Germany.
I just really thought it was photogenic at this angle.

Another self-portrait on a sort of cold day.
In Gendarm Markt, Berlin.

I'll work on a few more for tomorrow before I sign off. See you then!

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