Friday, March 20, 2009


As you read this, we are hopefully in London with all of our luggage and on our way to complete the harrowing schedule of the pre-tour advance. Before I left, I got this here post ready for you so you would have something to read on Friday morning. I'm always thinking of you, my NINE blog readers. And those anonymous others who read this regularly - religiously even - but won't sign in and be seen as a follower. Who I love anyway. Maybe someday they'll at least comment.

Again, hopefully next week, I'll be able to post some from the road. So, today's post, prepared lovingly in advance for you, is more about last weekend in Florida.

Another stop we made during my 24 hours with the family in Florida was here. Parkesdale Farms in Plant City, Florida.

There was a line.

But, you can only get it four months out of the year!

Dad and Torchy took me here when I visited last year, and I demanded to go again. I'm a strawberry nut. (And, was a strawberry queen here last year!) So, we went.

They sell citrus and all sorts of fruits and vegetables in addition to strawberries.

They proudly displayed that both presidential candidates had stopped here.

This is where you order.

And this is what you get! Strawberries, shortcake, ice cream and whipped cream.
How could this be bad, people?

After we ate, we crowned some new strawberry royalty.

I'm likin' Steve's wand, there.

I see a Christmas card in the making...

The king was not amused.

Happy Friday - Happy Weekend. See you here next week, I hope with something new and different.

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  1. Hi Amy! I'm one of your "mystery" followers....I initially stumbled across your blog from Facebook. I went to high school with your maiden name is Watkins. Hope y'all are having a FABULOUS trip in Europe...we're headed there again in May and can't wait! Take notes in Prague for me - we'll be there then as well.

    Carrie Myers


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