Thursday, March 5, 2009

Colorado Waters

Last in this series of photos from my trip up to Colorado during the summer of 2005 is a collection of a few photos of water.

This shot is of Gore Creek, which runs through and near Vail, CO. I shot the water's raging rapids through some lovely yellow wildflowers. Much to my dismay, about halfway through my stay in this town, the city landscapers cut all those flowers to the ground. It was so sad, and not nearly as beautiful to walk along the creek after the wildflowers had been lost.

This photo, and the next two are of Lake Dillon, near Dillon, CO. This lake is actually a dammed reservoir that supplies water to the city of Denver. Its creation meant the whole town of Dillon had to be moved. The old town of Dillon is at the bottom of all that water. This photo looks so "perfect" to me in color and make-up it almost looks fake, doesn't it? It's hard to capture this kind of natural site on film.

Again, the clouds cooperated for some nice imagery on this day.

Which one do you like better - the one above which is pulled out a ways, or this one, where the sailboat is part of the main action?

Given that I didn't have a telephoto lens in 2005, I'm guessing I cropped this one up at some point - its saved in the file this way, and I can't really remember, but I don't think the lens I owned then would have gotten this close without some post-production cropping.

Last but not least, I have this photo and the one below of Clinton Gulch, on the road between Dillon and Leadville. To take these photos, I had to park my car in a pretty precarious spot and stand on the side of a fairly busy highway. S would have had a fit had he been there. But, it was so beautiful - I had to stop and try to capture the beauty. This water is also a reservoir. Interestingly, when I googled "Clinton Gulch" to provide you a link, hundreds of photo links appeared. So, I'm not alone in my assessment of the area's beauty.

Again, the photo above and below are in relation to one another by the distance from the camera. The one above is the "close in" shot - this was before I owned a telephoto lens, remember, and I think this shows the distance the lens I owned could muster.

It is as if the clouds are lining up to mimic the mountain line, isn't it? The object on the water is a single man in a kayak.

This one, however, is my favorite of the two - look at that reflection! This is completely unedited - I took these photos before I had editing software. The only thing I could do to my photos back then was crop them, really. That reflection is real and so beautiful. I might try to mess with it now using the software to see if I can make it even more exquisite, but I really like it just as it is.

Man, how I love Colorado in the summertime. Tomorrow, as promised, big news about the rest of the month.

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  1. I like both pics that are original, not close up. I think because pulled back they capture the vastness of the areas.


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