Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Stop - Disney

All week I've been mentioning what I was up to last weekend. Here is some of it, finally. Later today, S and I will leave on a jet plane for London. Hope to post updates here! But now, on to what I did last weekend. And, today, there are 10 10! 10! followers reading this post! Wowza. Thank you. I am totally amazed and humbled by 10 readers. Thank you. Thank you!

If you're in Florida and you happen to have children with you, the first stop, of course, is Disney. Once I safely carted my last passengers to the airport and did my last bit of business last Saturday, I spent about 24 hours with my dad and his wife, my uncle and his wife, and also my brother and sister-in-law and their three children you know so intimately here on Ate Up Amateur. We met up with them at Disney, where they spent the morning. Here are the highlights:

We met up at the Rainforest Cafe for some late lunch.
Uncle Ray and Carol also joined us here.

It had the desired "wow" effect...

...until the "storm" began.
Then, they weren't so sure.

Veda liked these animal-themed bar stools, though!

Deacon didn't even like the fake snake in the gift shop...

...but Cora had no issue with it.

He did, however, like the alligator straw.

Here, the kids were checking out the animatronic alligator.
And grandpa watched on.

We passed the Disney version of the "dollar store."

At one point, Deacon went with Grandma and Grandpa to pick out a birthday present.
So, the girls posed for me a few times.

We walked around with Terri to see what we could see.

Steve was...well, Steve.

Here, Cora was totally wrapping her daddy around her finger a little tighter.

Cora and the princess.

Veda is showing off the headband she bought with her own money.

Awww...(That's a Lego-ness Monster behind them.)

Finally, Deacon decided on a present and met back up with us.
It's a Treasure Island "gun."

A good time was had by all and we headed back to dad's place.


  1. Thanks, sis. Love ya.

  2. First name....Dad

    Great job capturing the Disney experience. I need to remember to bring my camera.


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