Monday, July 6, 2009

Mountain Rain

We had a lovely weekend here in the mountains. Busy, but lovely. And, here on Ate Up Amateur we welcomed follower #21. Woo-hoo! Welcome #21! We're so glad to have you here! And, it's so appropriate near my birthday weekend. You know, since I'm so close to that age and all. I'm barely older than 21. Sure I am. I mean, I get carded all the time. OK, maybe not carded - maybe I didn't even get carded when I WAS near 21. Ahem. Moving on...

It's rained every day since Friday, if just for a little bit, and sometimes a lot. I'll tell you more about what we did as the week progresses, and what else we find ourselves doing, too. But, today, I am going to focus on the rain. I dedicate this post to my friends and family in the hot, ungodly unbearable state of Texas. A respite for you today.

I took some photos and video of the mountain rain. And I hoped you can look at the photos and watch and listen to the video and imagine yourself here with me. Or at least in a cooler place for a few minutes. Enjoying cooler weather. For even just a short while.

But, for some reason on the wireless in my hotel room, I cannot upload video. So, the photos will have to do until I can get back to Dallas. Or find another connection somewhere. I hope it helps a bit. Just, without sound, you'll have to imagine a little harder.

It wasn't hot when it started raining, but it immediately cooled several degrees with the rain.

Obvious water on the lens here.

I'll be visiting this blog post myself come the end of the week - when I'm back in the heat. And my attitude goes back down the drain. I'll use it as a respite for myself. Hope it helps, dear Texas friends! Hope it helps. See you tomorrow.

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