Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Once I went through my photos taken over the last few days, I am completely overwhelmed with all the cool stuff I want to show you. So overwhelmed in fact that I have no idea where to start. Should I show you the beautiful mountain flowers from the Betty Ford Alpine Garden? The mountain views to and from our drive to Leadville? Photos from the farmers market/street fair in Minturn? Or the photos of my yummy birthday dinner made by my wonderful mother? Or the holiday photos in Leadville itself? Or the fireworks? There are too many choices. Too many photos. It's a malady I often suffer from and today is no different.

So, here's what I decided to do - show you the food first. I mean, food is always a good place to start, right? And I figure the rest will wait but the food might spoil. Heh heh. And maybe I'll throw in some fireworks too. For good measure. So here we go.

Mom made some of my favorite foods for my birthday dinner Saturday night. It was just me and her, so very different from most of my birthdays. I've mentioned before that normally celebrate the 4th with a whole bunch of people and then maybe just throw in some birthday cake. But, since I'm on the road for work right now, it was a small gathering of just us this year. And it was yum-o.

I mentioned last Friday what the menu was generally going to contain:

Cheeseburgers, check.

Mom made the patties with ingredients we had on hand - perhaps not all the ingredients we would have used at home, but a pretty good assortment - some onion, garlic powder, salt and pepper and a little egg to hold them together.

Earlier in the week we planned on using this - a grill sitting on the balcony of our place here in Vail. But, earlier in the week we set out to grill some chicken and found ourselves unable or unwilling to go the lengths required to use said grill. The automatic starter didn't work. Fine, it says you can light it yourself. So, we checked that out. Now, maybe we're just a couple a ninnies when it comes to a grill, but there seemed to be no one place where the gas was coming from. And neither of us were willing to just willy nilly stick a flame into the bottom of the grill to see what would happen. Poof, there goes your hand, if you know what I mean. So, we gave up on grilling.

This left several options - we chose the skillet option.

And mid-cook, they didn't look too appetizing.
London broil, only worse. Or something.

But they turned out just fine. And tasty.

Macaroni and cheese, check.

Corn on the cob, check. (Before and after the hot water.)

Then we threw in some green beans...

...and salad to make ourselves feel better about that fatty carb start. Check.

Here it is all together, sans salad, which was in the bowl next door.

Let's take a moment to overlay the recommended dietary percentages on my meal.
Or, maybe not...ahem.

I ate it. All.

Then, after a considerable amount of time went by, we had some of this!

Some cake to celebrate my birthday. And ice cream.

You see, in my family, it's not birthday cake, because it's not chocolate. But I prefer this cake. So, others in the family call it "cake to celebrate a birthday". Big of them, huh?

We managed to stay up late enough to see the fireworks. They were at 9:45pm. I know, that's not too late. But, we were up early that morning and ready for bed. But we stayed up! We persevered! I mean, we had to see the fireworks being shot off in my honor!

They were lovely fireworks. I mean, we weren't sure. We were in a relatively small town. They could have been lame. But, they were good! Very nice! Then we went straight to bed. Amen.

Thanks Mom, for a great meal and an excellent birthday. It was awesome.

More tomorrow - actually, today we have our big second day off and we are going to do that drive to Aspen via Independence Pass. So, then I'll have more photos to go through, more decisions to make, more things to post. See you then.


  1. Yes, all your pictures are worth viewing.


  2. I think you two have reinvented the hurriburger! It reminded me of what one looks like anyway. I got hungry looking at your plate of food and I would have consumed all of it as well. Glad your having a good time.




  4. The nut don't fall to far from the tree--she is just like her mother! Looks like you are both having a great time.


  5. Just like being there. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Food and fireworks - two of my favorite subjects.
    Well done, Amy.


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