Tuesday, July 21, 2009

East Texas Weekend

I have SO MANY photos and stories to tell you from last weekend. What a great little time away it was. I am not sure I will get through all the photos before you are totally bored with seeing them. But, I'm gonna try. Because there are several I would like to share with you. There is the cabin - the area where we stayed for four days. Then, there are the animals - dogs, geese, birds, cows, goats, cats, etc etc. They are so wonderful to look at. There is a winery and many a small town. Today, some photos of where we stayed.

Our cabin.

Our lawn furniture at the lake's edge at sunset.
Very 70's, no?

The cabin's front porch.

A view of our space from across the water.

A view from the water's edge.

A close-up of the flower boxes.

As I mentioned previously, we stayed at the Greer Farm this weekend. We rented one of their cabins and we spent some time out of the city. The cabins are one big room with a bathroom attached. The main room has a bed, desk, kitchen table, kitchen, and living area.

Interior of cabin from the front door.

Interior view from the couch - good view of the kitchen area.

And a view from the other end of the main space.

This was the view out the front window.

There is air conditioning, television with satellite channels and wireless Internet access, but no cell phone reception. I liked that last part a lot. And, actually, as luck would have it, a storm blew out the satellite television for most of our visit, which I also liked.

The kitchen had some of the farm's free range brown eggs and some blackberry jam for our use, as well as a loaf of homemade bread. It was small but completely livable. We cooked three breakfasts and two dinners in the space and had no problem doing so. There were families of four (parents and kids) at each of the other cabins the first two nights we were there and they seemed to be doing fine with the space as well.

These flowers greeted us when we arrived.

I thought they were beautiful.

One family fished for their dinner which they then grilled at their site. The cabins are spaced far enough away from one another that you in no way feel as if there is anyone else around you at all.

One of the many local bird feeders, this one needing some feed.

Hibiscus bloom in front of one of the other cabins.

The "luggage cart."

A pretty sunflower variety near the center of the cabin area.

One of several hammocks in the central open area.

While we were there, we spent time staring at the lake. And talking to one another while we rocked on the porch. We played some games - I beat S at dominoes - which is really something. Really. We read a lot of great fun magazines - travel and Texas magazines that were in the cabin, mainly.

Sunset on the lake.

We drove through small towns and ate some incredibly good, cheap food on a couple of meals out of the cabin. We listened to the roosters and the geese and the cows. And the bugs. We looked at the stars, which cannot be seen in the city with all the ground clutter. We loved on and played with the resident dogs. We cooked and grilled out and lounged around. It could not have been more perfect. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow - hope you're not bored yet! See you then.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing! I think I relaxed just a bit reading your info and pics.


  2. This looks like an awesome getaway! Definitely a memorable 10th!


  3. It sounds like a perfect way to get away. I have never rented a cabin in the woods but now that you have shared I might have to add that to my vacation agenda. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures (so far), and they were anything but boring.

    Love, Dad

  4. OK, you've totally made me want to book a cabin. Not boring at all!



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