Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look Who Stopped By

I was walking up the front steps of our house last night, returning home from work. And, lo and behold, there was an old friend! A black swallowtail butterfly, checking out the lantana on my porch. So, I quickly commandeered the purse camera from out of the purse and snapped a few photos of her visit before she flew on to someone else's yard for the next welcoming celebration.

Look! There she is!
(Pay no attention to the grimy brick below the beautiful lantana.)

Clearly, she was just there, in this photo.
But I missed her. Ahem.

She seemed to really like the flowers, each one, briefly.

It was a great ending to my workday and start to the evening!

Do you think it's the same one that's in THAT photo?
I'm just kidding, people.

Then, she was off as quick as she came. Busy girl.

Hope she brightened your morning/afternoon/evening/whenever you're reading this as she did my moment with her. And, yay for the purse camera! It rocked! Those photos are unedited, and sister, it did a pretty good job, no?

I bet you're wondering which ones I picked for the contest...I can't answer that right now. Because I really haven't completely decided. I decided to print five of them to see if I could decide after seeing them in print, mounted, at the desired size. I dropped off the files last night for processing locally. Normally, I'd use an online printer like Color, Inc. (my personal favorite) or MPix. But, I went to the local printer last night. Because I need them, mounted and delivered, by Friday. Cough!!! Expensive!!! Procrastination hurts, people! I'm not talking just a little mark-up - to support a local business, I can handle a little. I'm talking about FIVE TIMES as much. Seriously. I don't know how they stay in business. No, wait a minute, I just paid their ridiculous prices, so maybe they thrive on procrastination. Maybe that's it.

I pick them up at lunch today. Then, I'll decide. I'm not even going to tell you which ones I printed. Not because I'm being obtuse or difficult.

Because I can't remember.

I narrowed it down to seven that all got several votes and then ruminated at the store. And, at this moment, can't remember what I decided. I do know I decided against the Ferris wheel, even though it was a huge favorite, because there will be hundreds of Ferris wheel entries. (if you want a print of the Ferris wheel, I can order you a sweet one from Color, Inc! - you cover cost and shipping and I'll do it!) But other than that, I really can't say!

But I will let you know. I promise. Because you're the best blog readers anywhere and I SO appreciate your input. You saved me from myself and got me moving in the right direction. And for that, I'm eternally grateful. You're the best. I love ya. Group hug, OK? ;-)

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Very sneaky Amy...

    Can't wait to hear which ones made the cut!



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