Monday, July 13, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

- the mystery flower has a name and it is allium - of the onion family. It is an ornamental large purple allium. And, we all feel better, don't we? My work colleague Mary and her friend Kim provided the answer. Thank you. Thank you!

- we made it home without incident. My little doggies seemed happy to see me and grateful I was home. S seemed to be glad, too of course.

- S watered the plants on our front porch while I was gone and they are all still alive!

- I found an unused James Avery gift card in my purse when I was cleaning it out. We went to the James Avery store and I bought a cool new ring with my find. Sweet! Incidentally, I also found a Whole Foods gift card in the same location. I'll be using that one momentarily. Yes, indeed. Free money!

- my mom flew back to Indy on Saturday with a few strange incidences on the flight, including a supposed emergency landing, but made it safely home to see my brother and her grandchildren, whom she had missed dearly while she was away. We had a great time on our little sojourn into the mountains, but it is also always good to be home.

The Bad:

- S did not water the plants inside the house. Ahem. He walked by them every day and forgot they were there. So two of the four - yes, people, I only had four to begin with - two of the four indoor plants are wavering on dead.

- it is HOT, people, HOT!!!!! HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT! It is hot here in Texas. Yes, I know, it's the time of year, but it started early this year and is unrelenting. And I don't like it. Even S is complaining about it. He is working on a way we can sell everything and move to Montana to open a bait shop. We'll let him keep working on that plan. Heh heh. I don't like the heat. I can't take the heat. We stayed indoors and did practically nothing all weekend. Except for the aforementioned trip to James Avery. It's cabin fever. In the summer.

- S is not completely well - he plays a good game, but he's still worn out and not up to 100% as he led me to believe while I was away. We'll be watching this closely for further developments and special envoys to his doctor's office to give him the entire story, which I'm pretty sure he doesn't have from S.

- I waited until this past weekend to look into flights for our trip next month - Dallas to Boston, so we could drive on up to Maine, visit some friends and take in Acadia National Park. Yeah, those tickets are now over $500 each. I don't pay for airline tickets that are that expensive. So, we're regrouping and planning a new trip somewhere where the tickets are still reasonable but there will, of course, still be the need for a jacket.

The Ugly:

- I sat down, indoors, where we're getting cabin fever and you're happy to have something to do, to check out the photos I took of Independence Pass, Colorado. I had not yet looked at them and was very much looking forward to perusing them. I took great care getting the focus just right on dozens of mountain flower photos. And snow photos. And vistas and aspens. And lots of great stuff. I was taking such great care with my focus and composition I didn't feel the need to check the screen readout - I would just look at them in editing.

Yeah, well, this is what I got - hundreds of this.

And a few of these.

Seems I had my camera on some really funky setting and I never noticed. Until we were at the Maroon Bells later in the day - I did notice there, but it didn't think anything of it - I thought, man that must have moved when I shoved the camera back in my backpack. I switched it back, and I do have a few good photos from the end of the day. A few. A very few.

I cried. I did. I was so sad about this - I mean, I had taken great care to get some wonderful mountain photos to subject you to here. And now, given the AMATEUR part of the name of this blog, I have virtually nothing to show for it. And I won't be able to try again until NEXT YEAR! I am totally bummed. And really sad about this. It's just ugly. So, I thought I'd share this horrible turn of events on a Monday. The day already has a pall of hopelessness about it, no? So, ugly news should go here too.

Oh, and this post is going up a little later than normal. That's ugly too. Ugh! The day is certain to get better, no?

I will share with you what I managed to get as the week goes along, as well as some other fun stuff. Well - stuff, anyway. Here's hoping the week picks up from here! See you tomorrow.


  1. Well aside from the heat, lost pictures, lost flowers, Mom is gone....I see Sam is better, dogs elated to see you, good to be home, and 50% of your flowers were OK. Your blessing outnumber you regrets. See life is beautiful!

    Love you,

  2. AND... you have a really optimistic dad, which counts for something in the plus column, right?



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