Friday, July 24, 2009

Last One...I Promise...For Now

Before the week is up and I've totally annoyed you with my ramblings about last weekend, I figure I should wrap up this love fest I've been having all week about our time at the Greer Farm. So, today's post, for a Friday, includes all the other stuff I wanted to show you but still haven't from our little getaway last weekend.

But, before I go any further, I should mention Sunday will be another birthday for my oldest niece, Amber, who y'all have met here on Ate Up Amateur on several occasions. Happy Birthday Amber! Oh, and WELCOME to follower number TWENTY-THREE! YAY! And, now on to the post. Here we go!

We shopped for groceries at Brookshire's.

I signed up for a discount card to save $4. We don't have Brookshire's in Dallas. Wonder what the street value of a Brookshire's discount card is...$4? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

We explored Daingerfield - did you know they have a two screen first-run movie house that charges $1.50 admission? Amazing. Of course the popcorn is $14.75. Just kidding.

We had a good, cheap meal at this restaurant.

We explored cool stores in all the small towns nearby.

And we went here for lunch.

Pretty good wine.

And TONS of food.

Wine Texas!

Nice place.

I bought these at the farm.
And I ate these at the farm. Ahem.

I also cooked with these fresh herbs from Eva's garden.

S made pancakes Saturday morning.

He wanted a picture of the one with the "star" on it. We have no idea how to recreate said star. None of the others had stars. It was a grade-A pancake, huh. We had bacon, too, of course. We're both fans of the bacon. Mmm...bacon.

Speaking of bacon, S, being the jokester he is, taught the little girl who used to live next door to us to call her toy pig - you know, the one in the Fisher-Price barnyard? Yeah, that pig - he told her that the pig's name was Bacon. He did. Maybe she'll go into the meat business.

This is a photo of the S-man watching charcoal burn he could cook me a steak.
He doesn't eat steak, either. Such a good man he is.


As I mentioned previously, I was quite taken by the flower bouquet.

Photographed it many times.

I was, as always, taken by the growing things.

Are these blueberries?
Inquiring minds want to know.

I can't pass up a pretty flower to photograph.

I was also taken by the bugs.

They were big. And photogenic, I thought.

My favorite photo.

I'm very proud I was able to take this without a macro lens. Maybe it's terribly flawed or no big deal to a professional. But I like it a lot. I really wanted one of the dragonflies with the black and white wings. But they never sat still long enough or let me get close enough to do something like this. Heck, this little guy might have been dead. Like I would have noticed!


I mentioned we loved on and played with the resident dogs.

This is the same dog - sans "summer cut" - last February.

She is completely obsessed with that block of wood.
(Notice above, she had one in her mouth in February, too!)

She is quite possibly one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met.

This old boy - also one of the sweetest dogs ever.

He looked like this last February.

And he hung out with us quite a bit at the cabin.
He even slept on the front porch for a spell.

Did I mention how great that porch was? It had two rocking chairs on it. And a large overhead fan. It was perfect for watching the sunset. Or listening to/watching the birds and bugs in the morning, drinking coffee. And, certainly perfect for catching up on all the most important things in the universe with the one I love. Awww, sniff. I know, sappy. But, he's a keeper!

This little guy was at the winery...trolling for presents from the tables.

And this precious old girl had to be his mama.
She'd roll over and let you pet her tummy in a half-second if you looked her way.


And - look at this - a male Eastern Bluebird and a juvenile!
They came by while I was sipping my coffee.

Two sheep, with their "summer cuts"- I think they are Suffolks.

They looked like this last winter when we saw them.

Here is one of the many happy vocal roosters you find at Greer Farm.

Cock-a-doodle-do happens all day long!


A barn kitty.

Look at that goat's earnest face. I'd trust him, wouldn't you?

This one was a character - same character we saw last winter, actually.

A cute baby goat.

A mama cow...before the baptism, I think.

They watched me carefully.

Suspicion in those eyes, no? Who the heck is this lady?

This face - this here - this is a bull.
Out in the other pasture. Don't believe me?

Believe me now? Uh-huh. I bet you do.


And of course, above all, I liked the scenery.
And the serenity of the surrounding natural vistas.

Even the old barns were scenic. And relaxing.

I did not want to leave.

Good-bye, Greer Farm. For now...

And, good-bye to another week! We had some nice, cooler days in Dallas this week. But it's supposed to be a hot one today and tomorrow...and maybe Sunday. So, summer hasn't gasped it's last hot breath yet. We've got a couple more months before it does. But the break in the triple digit heat was certainly nice. And so appreciated. The dogs loved being able to stay outside all day two days in a row. What a treat. Then, to celebrate, I gave them baths last night. Poor girls. They hate that. I hate it, actually, but it has to be done from time to time. I mean, I hate laundry, too...but I digress.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you're up to. We have no real plans, and that's good, since we'll be heading out for vacation next weekend. We need some time to catch up before we leave town again! See you next week.


  1. I just love your notes Amy and your wonderful photography. Simply beautiful! I'm glad that you and S had such a wonderful anniversary trip.


  2. You make me wish I could watch the world through your eyes...I'm sure I would be even more amazed than I am with my only option; my eyes. You do a good job of sharing how it must be, thank you for sharing, love you...Dad

  3. Stunning photos Amy, and yesterday's Bovine Baptism was wonderful!


  4. I especially enjoyed the blue bird and dragonfly photos. However, all were nice and your weekend sounds wonderful. I am happy you had such a blessed anniversary. Love always, Mom


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