Monday, July 20, 2009

How Are You on this Monday Morning?

First things first - thank you to everyone who sent so many wonderful well wishes to us for our anniversary. How great it was to hear from so many of you, here, on Plaxo, on Facebook, on Geni - you were popping up all over the place! It was so great to hear from so many friends and family from all over the globe.

We had a wonderful day and we're having a wonderful weekend. You have to check out this place. Wonderful getaway. I'll tell you more about it later this week. But we're still taking it all in this morning. Sipping coffee on the front porch of our cabin, overlooking the lake, hearing the geese squawk and the rooster crow. Our last day of simplicity. And, surprise, suprise, it COOLED OFF a bit this weekend. I bet the crime rate went down. Seriously. Gives everyone a break. And, of course, since we're off the heat island known as Dallas, it's even cooler where we are.

And, I have to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to my friend Kristin who is house-dog-cat-sitting for us this long weekend. What a wonderful thing she's doing! We so very much appreciate it and are pretty much chalking her up as our most favorite person ever in the universe at this moment. She's da bomb. We love her. She's also a "dog" person so I'm sure the "kiddos" are loving it. THANK YOU KRISTIN!

And, to clear a few things up from last week's posts here on Ate Up Amateur based on a few emails and comments I received. On the anniversary post on Friday I neglected to link to my cousin Robin's blog when I mentioned her. No one mentioned this one-I noticed it and I wanted to make sure I linked to her. So here's a link for you to check it out. And of course she's in my blogroll over there. Second, I want to add to my comments about cooking oil. Cooking oils do pop and crackle-and smoke even-at different temperatures. So, on that point, you could research cooking oils and pick one that pops less, I suppose. Knock yourself out. And, Deanna, yes, I agree with your grandma - cast iron would be a fabulous way to keep the heat even. I love cast iron when I cook with it and should do so more often. It has amazing qualities.

Lastly, re: my comment about the hope for no cell phone coverage on our vacation next month - I meant when we get out of town - into the small bits of Wisconsin - small towns, wide open spaces. I know, people, that Minneapolis will have excellent cell phone coverage. I am sorry to not have been specific. Incidentally, the place we're staying this long weekend - NO SERVICE! BONUS! There is of course, however, wireless. Amen to that, as it's come in handy to look up what's going on nearby. And to post this here note to you. And now, onto today's random Monday post about nothing at all. Just to get your week off to a great start.

You know at the hospital or the doctor's office when they ask you how you are - how's your pain -and they have a handy little chart for you to follow? You might remember this one from when Dex was born, or the one in S's room when he was in hospital last spring.

Well, I thought we could use some of the daisy-like varieties of flowers found along the way in Colorado to test your "pain" on this Monday morning. To make our own little "pain chart."

So, dear blog reader, how's your pain today?

I'm thinking this little guy could count as our "10" on the pain scale.
Are you feeling his pain today?

He and his friends are all definitely "7-10," no?

Or, maybe your pain today is only a "5".
Your glass is half-full.

Here's a bunch we'll label "4-6".

Or, maybe - just maybe, on this beautiful Monday - you're a 1!
Life is good! You're feeling no pain!

The world is full of "1-3's" and that's a good thing, no?

I'm definitely a "1" today - little to no pain in my life. Happy go-lucky cheery Monday. I mean, I've spent a long weekend with my S and we're enjoying time away for one more day. What could be better than that? I hope your day, if it's starting as a "10" on the ol' pain-flower scale, gets better from here! Hang in there, my friend!

And, if you're a "1" like me that you spend time smelling the daisies and being thankful for a great state of mind and body. Happy Monday! Amen.

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  1. Stop, stop ya makin me blush! :P

    love the flower pictures!


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