Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain, As Promised, Thwarted Again

First I want to apologize to anyone who felt yesterday's post was to whiny - complainy - morose. I really am OK. I feel fine. And I have a great life. I'm a lucky girl. And nothing that I have to complain about is that big of a deal in the great scheme of things. I know that. I get it. But this blog here is mine and I figure if I want to be a whiny-butt one day I am entitled to print it here. So I did. And now we're all good and back to normal. Except that it is still hotter than anything. That part - it hasn't changed.

Oh, and today at least, the post is going up late again! I know it's my own internal deadline. But, I've missed it two days in a row. I'll blame it on daylight savings time. No wait - that would mean I'd get it up early. I'll blame it on mountain time. No wait - I got all those posts up on time too. I could blame it on the heat. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket - the heat. The HEAT is why it's up late. Or, I'm just a little out of whack still from the trip. That's probably the real deal - and I'll get back to my normal routine soon.

So, I promised when I returned to Dallas and could get the mountain rain videos uploaded, I would share the mountain rain with you. I mean, it's no less hot here in Dallas today than last week - it might actually be a little hotter. So, it'll still cool you off. I'm looking forward to a little cool down myself. And I worked all night - literally I got up in the middle of the night to check on this darn computer - and all morning - and they are still not loading. It's a technical glitch I can't seem to fix. I'm getting a Blogger problem ID, but can't even figure out how to report that. So, I have to go to work now folks, and I have no more time to try to figure this out. But, if and when I do, I promise I'll post those videos. And more photos. And something interesting. I promise. Please come back another day to see if I can do it!

In case you missed it, the photos from that rain were posted here last week. You can see them if you follow this link.

Other updates since yesterday - we booked flights to Minneapolis of all places and we're going to travel all around Wisconsin. We were originally going to fly to Chicago and drive from there, but sister, the flights to/from Minneapolis were only $84 each way! So, we're flying there. And we're going to be in a cooler climate for a week. And we'll see something neither of us has ever seen before, no matter which direction we drive. It'll be an adventure. We've reserved a rental car and a hotel room for the first night. The rest is on the fly, baby. Who knows where the road will take us. It'll be great. And if we're really lucky, there will be no cell phone reception. That'll be even better.

I'll have more mountain photos for you tomorrow. And maybe video. Maybe. See you then. Stay cool.

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  1. Minneapolis/St. Paul is a really nice area. Be sure to go to the Mall of America - it's worth it!


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