Friday, July 3, 2009

A Day Off

First, I want to welcome followers #19 and 20! Welcome!!! You guys now fill up FOUR rows! Imagine that! I can't even imagine it. But, there it is. Amazing.

Now, on to what we ended up doing yesterday. First, we checked email and mom paid some bills online. Then we had breakfast. At this point, I'm sure you're hoping this story picks up a little bit...after doing some work emails and other work related stuff, we headed out to see something.

My mom wanted to go up on the gondola to go to the top of the mountain. So, we headed to Lionshead, because that is the only gondola that runs in the summer. In past years, I have gone up in the gondola, but at night. Now I know why - I guess I forgot this part - it's $20 to go up before 4pm. But, if you go from 4-9pm, it's free. Being the cheapskates we are and not wanting to part with our $40, we decided to try to come back one evening. Last night, even. But we didn't. More on that later.

We headed over to Lake Dillon. It's one of my favorite spots for natural beauty around these parts. Not that it is a natural lake - it's a dam. But, it's beautiful with the mountain backdrop. We spent some time there - most of the photos in this post are from that stop.

Also while we were there, we saw that guy up there, and his buddy, down there. I tried to identify this bird for you and the closest I could come was it's probably a sparrow or a finch. What do you think it is?

I also dropped into the Pearl iZumi outlet in Silverthorne. If you're not familiar, they sell bike stuff. And, I got a sweet pair of bike shorts at something like 70% retail. Score. We didn't spend any other time at the outlet mall - we have those in Texas, of course. But we done have any of the other stuff - you know, like mountains.

We left Dillon and headed toward Frisco and Breckenridge. I like Breckenridge much better than Vail - it's still a ski resort town - still a lot of money around - but no Disney feeling. It's more of a "real" town instead of a manufactured one. Not that Vail isn't beautiful - and beautiful is nice on vacation. I mean, Disney World is a hit, I think we could all agree. But, I prefer the feel in Breckenridge.

We had lunch at Clint's and were setting out to walk around the little shops, but it began to rain. There was water in them thar hills. Instead, we drove up the mountain and looked at the scenery from inside the dry car. Then, we headed back to the condo. We decided not to go to the gondola ride in the rain. And, I had a rehearsal to go to at 6-ish. So we headed home.

We have one more "free" day while we're here - I think we might drive up to Independence Pass and on over to Aspen for something else to see. That will be nice next week.

Today and the next several days, there's work to do, though. But, I'll still be in this beautiful place. So, I'll take more photos of some of that beauty to share with you here.

Oh - before the week is up and the post is over, and before I forget, I should say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all of you and Happy Birthday to ME! I'll celebrate my birthday here tomorrow - we're going to have some hamburgers and corn on the cob. And macaroni and cheese. And some salad to make us feel better about eating all those carbs. And then, of course, some birthday cake. I chose yellow cake with chocolate icing. And my mom is going to make it for me. Isn't that nice?

Celebrate responsibly, honor this great country, and I'll see you next week.


  1. Happy Birthday Amy (though a day early)...hope you have a great day and an amazing year (and what better place to celebrate)! LYLAS,

  2. that drive -- Independence Pass to Aspen -- is incredible. Glad you're enjoying our beautiful state!

  3. Your pictures bring back a lot of wonderful memories.




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