Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, I know by posting about this yet another day I am taking my neurosis via this blog to a whole new level. Sorry about that. I know I should just pick two FREAKING photos and send them off to the fair. I mean, good God, this is not a life or death thing. But, I'm obsessing. I can't decide. It's spiraling out of control.

Forget the categories - here are the "finalists". I need to choose two of these...if you have any further pearls of wisdom - and I am really looking for pearls of wisdom (besides, "Amy, they make a pill for that") - please leave them for me. And I promise I'll make a decision in the next 24 hours. I promise.

And, thank you to those of you who commented here on Ate Up Amateur, on Facebook, in person, or emailed me. (I actually put just these photos in an album on Facebook last night and got TONS of responses. I guess Facebook gets more traffic than this here blog. You think? Heh heh.) I appreciate your replies very much. Can you imagine the neurosis had you not stepped in this far? Really. Really.

Oh, and thank you Dad, for stating you felt none of them were my best work. Thanks. I love ya. Really. Really. :-)

So, here we go - finalists from yesterday and two mentioned that were not previously listed. In no particular order. Pick one. Or two. Thank you. And tell me about it. Send a homing pigeon if you wanna - whatever works. Help me out of my self-induced indecision.

This one and the next are new today based on your feedback.
This one is a Facebook favorite.

Of the two I like this one, but the fence is visible in the foreground.
Does that matter?

Old Barn

Texas Star on a Cloudy Day

Gate to the Texas Sky

Lone Bull
And that Ain't No Bull
OK, it's old now. I know that. It's alright. I own the blog!!!

Close-up Sunflower...I think it was this one people liked.

Butterfly on Texas thistle

Fall Colors on White Rock Lake

Close-in ducks. Although some of you just said ducks.
So maybe you meant the other one.

We're down to 10 with the two new ones. I can turn in 20% of these - look how I'm using those higher math skills! OK, thanks again for your help one more day. I appreciate it! See you tomorrow, neurosis back down to a normal level.


  1. Ok...

    Mass cow photo 1 is better than mass cow photo #2, I think. I do think the fence in the foreground makes a difference, and the cows look as though they have more mojo in the first shot.

    I would personally steer clear of the ferris wheel, because I think that subject will be entered to death...even though I love the photo.

    The gate to the Texas sky image is really my favorite... Gorgeous composition, coloring, subject is Texas-true...I think you are in good shape with that one and the mass cow photo #1. You would be in great shape with any of them...but these two really speak to me as a non-photographer.

    My two cents. :)


  2. This is so tough!

    I have to say though, I favor mass cow photo 1 rather than mass cow photo 2 like Jessica. The 2nd photo has too much sun.

    I also like the lone cow photo and the lone fence photo...

    So my two choices are
    Lone Cow
    and rubber ducks

  3. Okay, although I really like the butterfly and thistle,.. I mean really really like it. I think the first cow photo is the best of the two and crazy as it seems, especially since I gave you so much grief about the ducks when you did the blog about them, I like the close up ducks as the other choice.

    I love you dear daughter, just enjoy it.


  4. O.K. here's my 2-cents. I would eliminate mass cow photo #2 as well - to much sun flare. The Texas Star in the clouds also not a favorite. Maybe eliminate the lone cow.

    Listen - they're all wonderful, just a matter of elimination.

    Good luck, Amy,


  5. Well all 4 of my favs made the cut. Just 2? hmmmm.... I'm gonna have to think about this and get back to you.


  6. OK, that didn't take long. After looking again, I think my fav 2 are the gate and the sunflower, though I do like the fallen barn too. The gate just barely beat the barn for my pick. -Marcia

  7. I vote for Ferris wheel and barn, but the ducks are fun, also.

  8. OMG! you are so talented! I LOVE the Gate and the the butterfly. Amy

  9. I will give you my favorite pick .... butterfly .... you know that despite the input you are getting that you will make the correct picks based on your photography experience and preferences ... this picture to me shows beauty and patience by the photographer, rather than a static object (they are also nice pictures) ... just one opinion


  10. ok for me, I vote for the closer of the two bovine baptisms. I think the composition is really good, it's moving, and it does speak to the themes for the competition. I do think the fence in the other bovine photo distracts from rest of the photo, although I like that one as well.

    for my other pick, I just love the ferris wheel. It's a crisp and clean photo, and whimsical, with the unexpected dark sky. And it's so TEXAS!


  11. I'm still for the barn and the ferris wheel. Laura

  12. Single cow, sunfower, and the barn. The sun in the first 2 cow pics is somewhat distracting to me. I know that's part of the picture and makes it cool, but I like the crispness of the 3 I mentioned. Deanna


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