Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Full Day of Work at 8150 feet

S continues to feel better, which I am so glad to hear. Meanwhile, I worked yesterday. All day - it was a long day. The first day always is. The air is thin and you can't get enough water, among other things! But, my mom and I got over to Vail Village for a quick lunch. I snapped a few photos of the Disney-esque village called Vail while we walked to and fro.

Two of the hundreds of hanging baskets around the village.
I wonder how many gardeners are on their payroll.

One of the "main drags." Most of the village is pedestrian only.

A water fountain the kids can play in.

A water fountain kids can look at.

Pretty picturesque path.

Flowers along that path.

But, the real show on that path - the poppies!

They were almost spent, but still really something.

Soaking in the sun.

Other than show you these photos, I don't have much to say - unless I talk about work, which I'm not gonna do here. I have been twittering away, though, for work, if you're interested in a few tidbits about that. You can check that out @DallasSymphony on You will have to sign up to read the tweets, I think.

I have most of today off, so I will try to do something interesting to share with you here. I hope you enjoyed the photos today, and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Okay, now I want to go to Vail. My family used to spend summers in CO but not it Vail- guess we missed our mark a bit! Ha!

  2. drinking lots of water is the best way to deal with the altitude...are you going to be in Denver at all, it'd be nice to say hi!


  3. Happy BD Amy! Iv'e been to Colorado before. It's just gorgeous! Stayed in Winter Park outside Denver at a guest ranch. Went horseback riding in the mountains, and to Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. I can still remember standing on a 13,000
    foot mountain and looking at one over 14,000. Yes, the air is thin. Take it easy and do drink lots of water. Take pictures!



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