Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'll miss you mountains...this one, Notch Mountain, on the way to Leadville.

Today mom and I are on the road back to Texas. Amarillo, to be exact, for overnight and then home. We'll be thinking about all the beautiful stuff we saw in Colorado the whole way, though, so I thought I'd keep sharing some of that with you while we drive on down the road.

But, before we go any further, WELCOME to follower #22! That's a nice even number, yes? Glad you're here. Hope you enjoy reading the blog! Please keep coming back.

I'll miss you, mountain streams.

After we left the Minturn Market on July 4th, we headed to Leadville. We took Highway 24 there, and Highway 91 back. Both are very scenic drives all by themselves. So, I've got some shots from the drives as well in this post.

I'll miss you rocky parts.

When I did this drive before, Leadville was a little run down. A little bit like a broken down mining town. What a wonderful surprise it was to drive into town and see a bustling town, celebrating the 4th, and lots of businesses in the old downtown buildings that weren't there before. It was really something to turn the corner onto the main drag and see all of the following, all decked out for the 4th.

I'll miss you cute little mountain towns.

We parked on this infamous street and went to check it all out a little closer.

Incidentally, Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the United States. It sits at over 10,000 feet. Cool, huh?

Sayer & McKee Drugs was still going strong. Stronger, in fact.

The Golden Burro Cafe was a lively place on the 4th.

There were many cool old buildings. Including the Delaware Hotel.

And some not-so-historic motels, too.

If you look left to right, anywhere in town, there's a great view.
Over there, a cinema with windows. Revolutionary.

Also still standing in Leadville - the Tabor Opera House!

I like this photo.

I had taken this drive before, but mom had not. I have shared the Manhattan bar sign photo I took in 2005 here on the blog before. It still called to me to take it's photo. The bar itself did not appear to have gone through the same renaissance the town had undertaken. Ahem.

The silver dollar saloon seemed a little better off.

Furman's is still selling quality furniture. In case you were wondering.
And I'll miss their furniture. Might as well say that too.

Another view of the view. I'll miss you view.

Then we headed back toward Vail on highway 91 toward Copper Mountain. On the way, you pass Clinton Gulch. Beautiful stop.

There was still some snow.
I'll miss you evergreens and snow.

I mean, look at this place!

There's mom taking a shot.

Even the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD is pretty!

I'll miss you other side of the road.

Here's a close-up of that gulch - real close up.

I'll miss you red rocks.

Pretty place along the side of the road, no? I'll miss it.

I'll let you know how the drive went tomorrow and tell you more about our Colorado adventures that I'm already missing. See you then.

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