Friday, July 10, 2009

Mysterious Beauty

We made it to Amarillo last night with no major catastrophes. We are driving on into the concrete island known as Dallas today. I'm taking deep cleansing breaths. It'll be OK.

I have, as you might guess, hundreds of photos of the flora in and around the Betty Ford Alpine Garden. Because, as you know if you've been reading long, I have this sort of compulsion to take photos of pretty flowers. It's a sickness really. I'll be going through the twelve step program at FPA - flower photographers anonymous. But until then, I have to feed my addiction, and the Betty Ford garden was a great place to do it.

I'll share lots of the photos with you - and get this - lots of the names of the flowers in the photos, because the garden did a great job of classifying the plants. But, today, one of my favorite flowers had no classification. No name. No indication of what it was, where it came from, how it got there, or where it might be going.

So, I did a little searching. I looked at Betty's website...on the virtual garden map. No help at all...just like the missing sign. They don't want to identify the object of my obsession.

I thought maybe it was sedum, but I think it's too tall. Or some sort of foam flower. That could still be true, I guess...but I don't think that's really right either. Maybe it's a weed. I mean, even dandelions have their moments.

I took some of these on a higher ISO because I forgot to check that, as is my usual problem, when I started shooting. The images that aren't quite as saturated are with the higher ISO.

For now, I guess it will remain a mystery. I'll just have to enjoy it's nameless beauty. Dear blog readers, help me out...what is it? Put me out of my misery. Tell me what it is. Thank you.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. I'll be doing my best to have a good attitude in hot, hot Dallas. Thinking - good - thoughts. Stay cool, my friends. See you next week.

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