Monday, March 1, 2010

Woefully Neglected

Woefully neglected - that is what this blog could be called these days. I had one - ONE - post in February. And now here we are at March and I'm getting at least one post in! There are some positive developments that would lead me to believe I might get more posts up in March:

- my class has ended - all but the final grading. Amen to that.
- I am a tad bit less tired than I was previously.
- I have gads of things I wish to tell you, if only I could find the time and energy!

But, there are a few things that lend themselves to the blogging remaining slow at best:

- I am still nauseous. Yuck.
- I still don't have the energy I once had. Yuck.
- Any energy I do find after work goes to doing what must be done - laundry, groceries, etc.

So, I make no promises for the month that lies ahead. Blogging notwithstanding, we did have a full February. I had the class, which I did enjoy, even with all the work. Dallas encountered record snowfall. I took photos of that which are still on the camera. We dined with friends. We had two birthday parties for the in-town niece and nephew. Took photos of that too...still on the camera. And went to a bridal shower. My friend Errika's "in your kitchen" recipes still reside on. the. camera. This is all to say - I have things to tell you, should I find the gumption to do it!

I had a heartbeat check for this thing sapping all my energy and making me nauseous last week. It's doing just fine and dandy, thank you very much. Good someone is feeling up to kicking around. And, we have the big 18 week sonogram in 10 short days, where we'll go from an "it" to a "he" or a "she" and that will be exciting. Plus, more "photos" of the inner workings of my uterus will certainly be made available.

And S has really done some good work on the house. He really has. Things have been getting done. I hate to say it, but I don't think we're going to get finished enough to sell the thing (not that I wouldn't gladly get on that bandwagon should work continue at breakneck speed) but it will be nice to have a finished place for baby's arrival. Nice to be able to know we're all settled in - finally - and we have not a thing to do but general homeowner maintenance. What a concept!

We had a wonderful SPRING-like weekend here in Dallas. Boy, was that nice! We're ready for spring, although I think she's still flirting with us at this point. Things are humming along at work. Staying busy there, too, of course. So, you know, life is good. I just haven't gotten all of that written down in exact detail here. So forgive me for that, and for this woefully neglected excuse for a blog.

Hope to see you soon. Happy March!


  1. About time... er... I mean, welcome back! Nice to hear that there is a smidgen of a chance to read more blogs this month. Notice that I used the words "chance" and "smidgen." I have not given up hope and my addiction to reading this here blog has not wained. I have checked in every day in hopes of something new. Thanks for the new entry!

  2. miss ya, but no need to apologize, your life is full! (here's hoping the nausea ends soon, too...)


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