Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great Time with America's Pastime

We once again took in an Indianapolis Indians game when we were in Indiana last weekend. I took my camera, but did a horrible job of making sure I took photos of everyone. Of course, I was also busy talking, eating, and playing with the boy. And sometimes remembering to take photos when I'm busy being IN all of it is difficult. But, here are a few I did remember to take:

This was LM's first baseball game.

To commemorate this occasion, S felt we all needed Indians shirts.
On another topic, why do I hold my arm like that?

Here we are showing off our family's refusal to follow the rules.

I like this one of the three of us, even though LM isn't smiling.

And another family shot from near our seats.
Thanks Mom for taking all the family shots.

Rolen and Nathon, hamming it up.

More pork from Rolen.

Uncle Bob took the boy down to check out the field.
While there, they caught up with Rowdy.
I would keep my eye on him too, LM.

As usual, it was a great night for baseball.
And this is a fabulous park.

Rolen loves babies.
This time, LM surprised Rolen by giving him a sloppy kiss back!

Then Rolen wanted to HOLD the baby.

Beautiful niece Amber, holding her baby and my baby.
My baby doesn't seem to get the "look here and smile" part yet.
Or perhaps he does...

I found the presentation of the cotton candy to be well done.

An action shot of the actual game.
I watched about this much of the actual game.

I was also sitting right next to my mom when I took this photo. And some of the other people in town for the family reunion to happen the next day. For some reason, though, I didn't take photos of any of those people. I was talking to them and catching up, but not photographing. I will do a post about the reunion, of course, where I did take photos of the actual people. Ahem.

Grandpa Craig with Nathon, holding LM.

Grandpa Craig, the junior, holding his grandson.


LM made it to the seventh inning. Not bad for a wee one. Gibson was also ready to go at that point. So, we headed out with the babies and left everyone else there to enjoy the end of the game and the fireworks. One day LM will make it to the fireworks too. My mom was sitting in the "way back" and took this shot of Gibson and LM hanging out next to one another in their car seats. Cute.

So there you go - a complete recounting of my incomplete collection of photos from the Indians game. It was great to see everyone, enjoy the nice weather and have some nachos. We look forward to the next time around.

See you soon.

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