Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2-yr old Silliness

Silliness abounds these days:

Wearing Daddy's boots and trying to wear his belt.

With puzzle pieces around his neck.

In his Ferrari jacket, pajamas and rain boots.
I think he went with Daddy to the donut shop in this get-up.

Playing Peek-a-boo!

Being a ham at one of his favorite restaurants...Bubba's.

In fact, the other day S was going to work late, so I told LM that he and I were going to go to dinner just the two of us. I asked him where he wanted to go. S isn't a big fan of Bubba's, so LM said to me, "Let's go to Bubba's because Daddy doesn't like to go there." Of course, we went to Bubba's!

Playing checkers with Nonna!

Speaking of checkers silliness - TA-DA!

And while we're on video - here he is
"standing on one leg just like a flamingo"

And here he is "ready to rock and roll"

This day, I was packing for our Indiana trip.
He took all my shoes out of the closet...

...and then pretended to take a nap in them.

With his two best buddies.

Dressed as a fireman with my black bra on as a "backpack" and S's socks on as "gloves" - ahem.

Purposely putting the shades on upside-down.

Shades AND a paci.

French fry
Being silly with the french fries.

See you soon.

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