Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun at the Water Park

This happened in early April, but as is more often the case than you care for me to complain about it, I was having upload issues with this group of photos - most were taken with the camera phone, because it's not a very "fancy camera" friendly place. Ahem.

So, anyway, we went with Kim and Mark and the girls to a Great Wolf Lodge in early April for an overnight. They go pretty regularly but this was our first time there. I knew LM would love it, and he did. So, I loved it too!

The three kiddos, with a hairy photo bomber in the background.

During snack time.

Proof we were having fun. Really.
And a little scary due to the placement of the sun. Oh well.


Funny face.


After dinner, at story time.

Fun family time.

See you soon.

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