Friday, May 30, 2014

Three Months Old


Last Sunday, BB turned 3 months old. Time is flying around here people! The first year goes so fast, and then again, not so fast too. We are still night feeding twice a night, and that is not going by fast. Ha.  But, otherwise, fast it goes!


What have we learned about this boy in the last month? Well, he is still a good eater, and a happy boy. He loves his parents, and seems especially tuned into his Mama. If I am in the room, he follows my movement and if he hears my voice, he clues right into it. 

Brainwash 'em early, I always say

The baby boy loves to watch his parents and "talk" to us - he likes to make noises and smile  - and he likes to play the "tongue" game - you put your tongue out and in, and he mimics your movement. If you do some other movements, he watches very closely to see if he can figure out what you are doing. 

This has become our miracle pooping cure.

He is a little bit prone to not pooping on a regular basis, shall we say. After one four day stint with no poop - and see, here we go again, talking about poop just seems so normal - I called the doctor's office and spoke with a nurse. She informed me a breastfed baby can go 7-10 DAYS without pooping. Wow, I thought. But she did say if we wanted to try some pear juice - 1 to 2 ounces - it might get things going again. So, we did. He ate one ounce. Two hours later - poop! This happened one more time - the four days without poop - and once again, the pear juice came to the rescue like a miracle worker. And, since then, no issues. 

His new over stimulation center aka activity mat.

Funny faces

Serious boy with the blue eyes.

BB has still not  dropped a nighttime feeding. This is starting to frustrate and wear thin on his Mama. She is not getting enough sleep to be a proper human while back at work - and I am back at work - so here's hoping he drops one soon. LM dropped one, like a textbook baby, at 10 weeks, and my work life fared much better under this scenario. But, even sleep deprived, this Mama cannot stay frustrated so very long when she snuggles with her sweet boy.

Love when I get this one looking up at me. 

Looks so much like LM at this age in this photo.


During the last month, we also traveled to Indiana for BB to meet all of his Hoosier relatives. One day I might even put up some photos from that visit! He was such a good boy while we were there really, given that we carted him to and fro, with no real deference to his schedule whatsoever, except that we tried to feed him regularly. He had to sleep on the go - and he did, for the most part. On a couple of days, he was over tired and the late feeding became a cry fest, but other than that, this boy was (and is) mellow and incredibly flexible. 

Looking like LM here too, I think.

Three months on Nana's quilt.


LM is still enormously enamored with his little brother. He smothers him with attention - my mother reports I was the same way with my little brother. Then, on another day, I was talking with my dad about LM's "spirited personality" and my dad reported I was that way too at his age. Goodness - God bless them both. Ahem. But back to BB - the short way to say it is - add LM to the long list of BB lovers - in fact, put him at the top.

I love this one.

In this one, I feel they already know they are placating their mother with the photos.

So, another month in this whirlwind first year is behind us, and we look forward to all the happy memories to come with our special Baby Boy.

See you soon.

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