Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kindergarten is in Full Swing!

LM and one of his buddies from preschool at the back to school picnic.

Since I didn't get a timely "first day of school" post up, let me share those photos and some others regarding Kindergarten this year for our LM. So far, he LOVES it!

Sack races at back to school picnic!

He loves school, is making friends, and loves his teacher and the other teachers at the school. He attends a very small public school, and has only 14 students in his class.

On the first day.




They are learning to write better, read, explore the worlds of science, music, art, yoga, Spanish and more! The school has a chicken coop and a garden, and they are getting to work with those special areas as well.



Because the school is so small, they are clustered by grades, so he does many things with kids in K-2. They also have a "buddy" program where they are paired up with a 7th grader (the school is K-8) and LM has really enjoyed this as well.


Since the start of school, S had the opportunity to be a part of the mystery reader program. He went to class and read LM's current book favorite, Big Mean Mike, to the class. 





They have also participated in harvesting the garden, picking both corn and potatoes. LM's teacher is so great to send along photos of activities as they do them, which is a nice way for us to follow along. The kids dressed up like pirates one day to present their song about the school's guiding principals to the older students. And, they had a big celebration on National Punctuation Day, where they began to learn about punctuation. They have also learned about fire safety and much, much more! This week we will have special senior's day, and right around the corner are Halloween parties and a Veterans Day event. So, Kindergarten is off to a great start!

See you soon.

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  1. You have made a memory for me as well as your other family members and friends. Luke will benefit the most from your caring and creative posts dear daughter.


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