Wednesday, April 21, 2010

End of 24th Week Belly Update

I had my monthly doctor's appointment last Wednesday. These "routine" appointments include a weight check, heartbeat check and tummy measurement. Then they go over certain things each time that you should be doing in between appointments. And, this month, I got to take the gestational diabetes test. Fun! I also get a few minutes with the doctor to ask questions.

So, weight and tummy. Last month, I had gained two pounds total. I thought, given my clearly growing belly, the weight gain would begin in earnest this month. I mean, last week, jeans that fit on Sunday didn't fit AT ALL on Friday. Amazing to me!

24 weeks (1) (by Ateupamateur)
It helps the "look" to wear a maternity shirt, no?

Turns out I LOST a pound overall, taking me back to a total gain of one pound. Or basically flat. But, my tummy is measuring well within NORMAL range, so my doctor isn't concerned about the weight gain. Basically, baby is gaining and I have, so far, lost overall.

Heartbeat was again strong and he even kicked the doctor a couple of times for good measure. He certainly likes to kick!

24 weeks (14) (by Ateupamateur)
Side view - definitely sticking out more!

My assignment before next month's appointment - sign up for a childbirth class, pre-register at the hospital and sign up with a pediatrician. OK. Got it.

may 15 grad school shower invite (by Ateupamateur)

And, in the mail this week, I received the cutest invitation for the first Dallas sweet! I can't wait to see everyone there.

And next month we get to have a 3D sonogram of the little guy. That'll be fun! But, I also have to start rotating to other doctors in the office, in case one of them is on call when I go into labor. I chose my doctor because she's a girl. This office has three girls and one boy doctor. I meet the boy doctor next month. And, I hope I like him, because I'm pretty sure it'll be my luck he'll be on call when Mr. Man decides to make his entrance. Ha.

So, you are now up to date. On this topic. Once again. See you soon!


  1. Your looking more beautiful each time I see you. Loved you visit and am looking forward to seeing the latest (prebirth) photographs of my newest grandchild. All my love...Dad

  2. You look great Amy. Hope you get new exciting things for the baby at the new party.He will have tons of cool stuff.That's why Ali and I decided on a check.There will be things only you can get like lots of diapers and wipes.Love,Aunt Dorene

  3. Amy,
    The good thing is that when you are having labor pains, you really don't care if the Doctor is a man or woman, as long as he/she gets that baby out!! (safely, of course!) ;)


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