Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updates are Apparently Necessary

I received an email from the Cheese Fry the other day indicating I am falling behind on my duties on this here blog. I mean, he didn't really come out and SAY that. This is what he said (he's a fan of no capital letters except for emphasis. Very e.e. cummings, no?):

how are you? i do read the ATE UP AMATEUR blog - what does that title mean? - but it's not enough information on where things stand now.

By "where things stand now" he means the baby business. So, I thought you might all like to get an update on where things stand. now. on that topic.

Incidentally, if you're also wondering what that title means, you can read this.

Following are the questions Mr. Cheese Fry felt I needed to answer, and their answers, of course:

how are you feeling?

Pretty good now, thanks. Finally, after about week 20 (I'm working on week 24 now) the ugly nausea monster left and I feel pretty good most days.

how's little S?
He's fine, too. A little over a pound now, and a little big already. Yikes.

any weird cravings?

Not really - I mean, I've only really been eating normally for about two weeks. I am just glad to be able to eat more things. As of my last appt I had only gained 2 pounds overall, which I'm glad of, since I was doing so good on the weight loss before the baby news - I want the weight gain number to be as small a number as possible. But, I feel much fatter now. So who knows. Next appointment (and mandatory glucose test for gestational diabetes) is on the 21st.
(postscript - seemingly overnight, my regular pants have stopped fitting and I'm having to embrace the maternity clothes. While I was sort of dreading this, I do have to admit they are VERY comfortable. But, I really don't LOOK pregnant. Maybe just a little fat(ter). No cute baby bump on me. Actually, my belly button seems to go in too far...not a cute pregnant person.)
And, to prove it, here are two photos.

Week 24 front view (by Ateupamateur)
Front view. Can't tell a thing.

And, if I did a side view without pulling the shirt taut, you'd have the same outcome. But, because I seem to like to embarrass myself, and you know, for posterity, we took one with the shirt pulled taut over the baby boy bump. You will also be able to see the belly button thing. It doesn't go all the way across - just in the center - near my apparently well indented belly button. Funny thing is I can feel baby boy kicking around above, below, beneath that button, so it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Week 24 side view (by Ateupamateur)
Side view. Little bump-itis.

Yep. That's it. Just fat looking - not really pregnant-looking. I have it on good authority that one day - sometime soon, even - this will change. I'll keep you posted. For now, back to the Cheese Fry's interrogation...

how long are you going to take off work for? (this question sent in to us by mrs. cheese fry)

12 weeks - 4 weeks unpaid. We're saving our pennies now.

any shower plans?

Yes, indeed. I have several wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful friends who are throwing showers for me here in Dallas. It's a blessing to have such good friends and I'm truly humbled by their graciousness. They will be in late spring/early summer. You know, when I hopefully actually LOOK pregnant.

any nursery plans?

Since we are not moving, we're using the guest bedroom with the dark brown walls and converting it to the baby's room. Keeping the walls. We are borrowing a crib from a wonderful co-worker, and using the existing desk as a changing table. I hate "baby" stuff, but did find some geometric bedding that is orange/brown/light blue that looks "little boy" that I can live with. So all we're going to buy is maybe a rug and a recliner/rocker. That's it. So I'd say the theme is "unbaby". Nothing has moved yet because I previously felt so crappy. This month, hope to register and to get the closets cleaned out/purged. Then maybe next month we'll get the room set up. Before I'm too fat and too hot to care.

(postscript: we did register, thanks to my good friend Errika, who's "In Your Kitchen" segments, photographed in late January, might make it up on the blog before her daughter makes it to college. She made it easy and even fun. God bless good friends. And no purging has begun because of the vacation and busy weekends. This weekend, a trip to Indy. I still hope late April/early May is filled with purging. Of the non-body type.)

have you felt little S kick and move? (i'm bad with math - what month are we on now, five or six?)

You do know his name is NOT going to be little S, right? Yes, he has been kicking me since about 16 weeks. He is VERY active on some days - so much that I'd like him to nap so my insides can take a breather. I've felt him kick on the outside too. That was pretty cool - felt like we were communicating - you know, like two prisoners on opposite sides of the same wall. And, big news, last night S even felt him kick! It was very, very cool. We're in month five now, closing in on month six. Goodness.

Therein ends the Cheese Fry interrogation. I hope you find the information also interesting, and that perhaps I have now done my duty to update you more fully on the baby business. And, if there is a burning question I failed to address, feel free to write me about it and I'll be happy to oblige. But, seriously, surely this is not rocket science and you've heard enough.

In other baby news, sister-in-law Kim, due in May, is now officially off of mandatory bed rest. So that little girl could come anytime. As of the last check, she still had no name. And, sister-in-law Brooke, due in September, found out she is also having a girl! So our baby bundle will have lots of girl cousins to mother him! And thankfully, here in Dallas, older cousin Andrew to show him the important stuff. Not to mention, a bevy of older Indiana cousins to teach him good, wholesome, solid Midwestern values. He's going to be a lucky boy!

I'm off to Indiana and all those wonderful and important Midwestern values tonight for the rest of the weekend to walk in the Race for the Cure with my cousin Robin. And to visit with lots of other relatives and friends. It'll be great. And, maybe, I'll chronicle it here next week. See you soon.


  1. Thanks to the Cheese Fry we now have pictures of you and baby S.

  2. I'm still convinced that you're not's a sham!! Just kiddin.

    Hoping that a cute baby bump will come in before August so we can all ooohh and awww over the cuteness of it!



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