Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Birthday Photos

I have several things I want to tell you about...but my computer's hard drive got recalled. When we took it in for the recall, they disable the wireless card. So, we had to take it BACK in. In other words, besides my usual inability to get things posted in a timely way, I've had computer issues. SO...I think for the rest of August, it'll just say July unless there's a bunch of extra time that just shows up at my doorstep. We may go right to September.

I tried the Saturday before and the Saturday after LM's birthday to take photos of him to represent his "first birthday". The first photo shoot was at the Latino Cultural Center. The second photo shoot was at Dallas Heritage Village. These are my favorites:

These first few were taken outside the Latino Cultural Center here in Dallas.

We were there at 7:30am to take photos before it got hot.
The boy was a little tired but he did pretty good.

Doesn't he look big here?

I like this one because you can see his reflection in the window in the background.

I really wanted him to stand up against that wall.
He wasn't having it.
That's the "green bird" referenced in this post.

You can see his sleepiness here...

...he would not smile up there.
The colors are cool anyway.

Again, I like the colors and the light.

The second set of photos, the Saturday after his birthday, was at the Dallas Heritage Village.

I really wanted to go out and get photos while my mom was in town, so we could try to get a family shot too. This was the Saturday after my surgery. I really wasn't feeling very good, but I was determined to go. Unfortunately, this place doesn't open until 10. So, we made plans to get there right at ten before it got too hot to move. But then, LM decided to take a historically long nap. He didn't wake up until 11. We headed right out, but sister, I'd be lying if I didn't say it was hotter than snot out there. A good indication it was that hot was we were the only souls in the entire place. Had the WHOLE place to ourselves. Seriously. So we took our photos and got out of the heat. By that time I was feeling pretty crappy and spent the rest of the day in bed. But, we got some seriously cute shots, so I think it was worth it. Here are some more of them:






The family photo I like best. Not bad, eh?
Thanks Mom!

My boys!

LM and his big mama.
I seriously have to go on a diet. Oy.

That's Mr. Delingo from that other post.

That is a denim bear we bought him for his birthday.
I liked the bear, so I bought it for my son. Tee hee.

Love this one too. Laughing boy.

The only success in the standing up photo department.
He would sit down when we walked away, but this one worked.

One of my favorites, actually.

By this time in our visit, it was getting seriously HOT.
It was time to go.

So there you have it! My attempt to document my son at his first birthday. I'm pretty pleased with the results and glad I went to the effort.

See you soon.

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  1. Super cute! He's a cutie whether he's smiling or not. And I like the family shot too. Good job!


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