Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Year Old

On this date last year, our lives changed forever. I know, trite, overused, but totally true. Our lives changed forever when our little boy was born into this world. And what a year it has been! So full of changes and joy!

I could not have ever imagined how my life would change with him in it, but I am so glad I got to find out. He is such a light in our lives and quite a wonderful child. I cannot believe how much has happened in a year. He has grown and changed so much. I cannot imagine how much he will continue to grow and change in the year ahead. Here is a little look back at the last year.

Moments after birth

I'll also catch you up on what we've been doing. In the last month, the boy has started walking, tentatively. He takes a few steps, stands unassisted, but *so far* hasn't taken off across the room. He is careful about it, so I think it will be a while longer before he takes off.

So happy and mesmerized.

The proud new daddy.

Ten day grin

Bird mouth

brn bckgrnd on arms
First photo shoot

in white basket

He said his first sentence. It was, "Hey dad, bye!" He was watching his dad put his hat and shoes on while we were in Vail and knew he was going out. He said, "Hey dat..." (he regularly calls him "dat") and then when Sam looked at him and said, "Yes, LM?" He gestured by waving, and said, "buh". It was so cool because he clearly was watching what was going on and reacting to it. In general, he is very chatty, "talking" and making noises as he plays, reacting to what you say or what else is going on around him.

arboretum family 9
Family portrait

The best naps in the world.

Imitating a pumpkin.

Three months old

We have started to just "sit" on the potty, to start to learn sitting there is part of daily life and a normal routine. So far that is going well.

baptism close up studio shot
Baptism photo


With Santa

Christmas Card 2010
Christmas Card 2010

Speaking of reacting to things, he will now do something you ask him to do. For instance, "bring me the ball" or "come here and I'll take your shoes off" or "bring that (box you can't open) here and Mommy will help you" or the like. He sometimes chooses to not listen when being instructed "no" but eventually will express his discontent with that and move on to the next thing.

six months on quilt (33)
Six months

A warm day in February

We are finished with breast milk as part of the regular day. I finished pumping as planned, back in June, before we went to Vail. I breastfed him there, and he ate frozen breast milk the last two weeks. There is a bit left in the freezer which I'll give him this week. But, he's had cow's milk and he doesn't seem to mind it. He doesn't drink it with the fervor of breast milk, but doesn't refuse it either, so I think we'll make it to complete acceptance soon. I am still nursing him first thing in the morning and before bed, and plan to continue to do that while he still shows interest. I have talked to many people who say he'll lose interest, probably, over the next few months. So we'll see how that goes. He already isn't as tied to it as he used to be, so we shall see how long it lasts. I have to say, though, that I am glad to have made it to my one year goal. It feels like a real accomplishment.

Valentine's Day

Enjoying the spring weather

Sweet boy!

He is eating more things, but at the same time, showing more "picky-ness" which I understand is normal for his age. As you may or may not know, S is a VERY picky eater, so I am hoping to not have this in my son. Any sign of picky-ness worries me, but I think the thing that will save us is, well, the boy, he LIKES to eat. S doesn't really enjoy eating. I know. STRANGE!!! But it's true. This thing - the eating - will get us through the picky-ness, I pray.

April 10 Easter Egg Hunt 2011 (1)

IMG_8752 edited


While in Vail, LM learned to open cabinet doors. The handles were just a tad lower than the handles at our house, so he figured it out. Thus, now that we are home, he can open those doors too. I had a babyproofer come out to the house to tell us what to do. I do think we will install some door locks, but in other cases we hope to teach him just not to go there.

Having fun at cousin Sophia's birthday party

One of my favorites

Along with the cabinet doors, it just seems the boy is more "IN" to things. In to places, moving about, wearing out the Mama. He is constantly on the move. He loves to explore. He loves to try new things, and LOVES to make noise. Every new thing, if he can do it, goes in his mouth and strikes a hard surface. Everything! Some of his favorite toys are two stuffed animals - we call them the "green bird" and "Mr. Delingo" because it says "delingo" on the toy's bottom. He also loves cars and blocks and anything that he can put things in, like little containers or pails. He will fill them up and then carry them around with his treasures in them. And bang them on the ground. Of course.

Mother's Day


My boy and his tongue

Bathing beauty

He is still very snuggle-y when he's not trying to move, move move. He really gives the best hugs in the world, still snuggling in and patting you on the back. And, he gives his Mama kisses, but so far, not really many other people. I'm not sure why I am the kiss magnet, but I am, for now.

Father's Day

Independence Day

One year old!

Our big boy!

I will of course have a "on the quilt" retrospective, but I took those this morning, so that post will come later.

Happy Birthday to my Little Man, my sweet, sweet boy. I am so proud and lucky to be your mama. I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

See you soon.

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