Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Right after the family reunion, I had a convention to go to in Minneapolis. Since it is a busy time at work for S, my mom went with me to watch the boy at the convention. We drove from Indy to the convention. We did the drive in two days, and LM did pretty darn good. He mostly slept, which helped a lot. When he woke up, though, he was ready to GET OUT. So, of course, there were more stops than normal.

While I was at the convention, Mom and LM hung out, walking around downtown Minneapolis or playing in our hotel room. We brought a laundry basket of toys from Mom's house to keep him entertained. He stayed on his routine pretty close, and slept amazingly well. At the end of the week, LM and I flew back to Dallas and Mom drove back to Indy by herself. I very much appreciate her willingness to go with me. It really helped me get to the convention and take care of the little guy too.

Here are a few photos from our time in Minneapolis:

This is a photo from the hotel where we stopped on the way up.

Entertaining the boy on the drive...

...eating snacks to keep the boy happy on the drive!


A particularly rough lunch on the road.
Can you tell LM was not having it? I bet you can!

Mom and LM outside orchestra hall.

Where we ate dinner one night.
We had to ask if it was family friendly. It is.

LM had this fun corn cake.

Sculpture in the hotel lobby.

The outside of the hotel.

Have I mentioned LM doesn't like to keep his socks on?

I know, I know. All babies at this age like to take their socks off. I get it. But, I also think LM might be showing a tendency to like bare feet...he's so adamant about getting them off. I am a proponent of bare feet myself - always happier when my shoes are off, the true hick in me shines on - and I wonder if LM has inherited this trait. We'll see!

Playing in the Minneapolis hotel room.


Funny face, hanging out with Mama on the bed.

So that's about it! Car drive, hotel room, meals. It went well, thanks to Mom. And, LM got to add three more states to his list!

See you soon.


  1. The sock thing must be from both sides of LM's family. My girls are the same way, I always attributed it to Nonna, who takes her shoes off immediately. As for this momma, I have shoes on all day, till its time to go to bed. I don't like the barefoot thing, but my girls are all about barefooting it!!!!!!

  2. These photos are so cute. Thank you for sharing with me and the world.




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