Sunday, July 17, 2011


In an attempt to get some posts up this week before I post about LM's first birthday, hopefully on time and in budget - heh heh - I thought I'd tell you all a bit about our trip to Colorado. My job takes me there each summer, and this year S took the whole time off and he and the boy tagged along. It was so nice to have them there with me. And, while I was a work, they got a lot of quality time together, which I think S enjoyed more than he ever imagined. I took way less photos than I normally have up there, mainly because I was spending my free time with LM and S, and sometimes you just have to "BE" and not photograph. But, we did take a few photos on our jaunts into town and out of town, mainly around the 4th of July. So, here are the highlights.

The poppies are always beautiful in Vail.

The boy rode around in style, here at the Vail Farmer's Market.

Hanging out poolside at the condo.


Mama, we're leaving. Are you coming?

These two make a pretty darn cute pair...

...even when they're sleeping!

The parade.

We had a little breakdown of communication about the parade. I had to run over to the amphitheater that morning to do some work, and met up with the boys at breakfast. But, I was very late. So, they headed off to the parade and I was going to catch up with them. Only, once all those people crammed into those streets for the parade, I couldn't reach them. So...they watched the parade and took photos and I caught up with them afterward.

Cute parade kids throwing candy.

There were MANY, MANY firetrucks.

LM missed much of the parade...he took a nap instead.

We took some photos with the boy on the condo balcony.

That's me and the boy...only I could find the shadow to stand in...

Later that day, we took a drive to Independence Pass.

If you live where I live right now, perhaps staring at that photo with the snow will help cool you off a bit. It did me, for a second and a half. It was nice.

I hope to share some flower photos in another post.

Somebody tell LM the photo op is THIS WAY.

Then at the end of the day we went back to the condo for dinner.

And we tried to get LM outside for a few photos of his cute outfit. He was tired. And the grass felt funny. But we captured a couple good ones.




Silliness with Daddy.

And at the VERY end of the day, we had birthday cake.
LM was very unimpressed with that action for sure.

We had a couple other adventures while in the cool weather. I'll try to post those as well...we'll see...

See you soon!

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