Friday, March 15, 2013

Alive and Well in Europe

So all is well in Europe - S has come and gone - taking the boy to Yo Gabba Gabba today. And, I have made it to Vienna. It has been unseasonably COLD the whole tour so far, and looks like it'll stay that way until we get home. Of course, at home it's beautiful and I'm missing the tulips! My mom sent me some photos of them at least. And, she has been so good to send photos of my boy every day. We have gotten to FaceTime most days as well, which has been oh so nice. I am a bit worried that will not continue into next week for two reasons. One - my mom leaves and S goes back to work, so there will be less flexibility to FaceTime when I am free; and two - my schedule gets jam packed for the next several days, traveling and playing each day as we go. Long days and short we shall see. 

I lost all the photos I took at Concertgebouw and also at a beautiful church near our hotel. Blast! Grr. But, these were taken with the small camera, which has now left and gone to Dallas with S. A look at some of Amsterdam follows:

That is an Amsterdam police car. I took it for LM.

That is a shopping mall.
At the time I snapped it, I thought it was the palace.
Shopping mall, palace. Whatever.

He we are with what I THINK was the actual palace behind us.
But maybe not. 

And this is us inside the dutch version of Harrod's - de Bijenkorf

The Oude Kerk - the old church

Down on the edge of the famous red light district is the Oude Kerk. We walked down to see this historic place, and it's only open April-October. Oh well...


Just near the oude kerk - a "coffee shop" where they sell pot.

The Nieuwe Kerk

We also went by the Nieuwe Kerk - it's no longer a church - it's an exhibition space, and the current exhibition is "The American Indian" - aha. No thanks. Not what I'm interested in seeing while in Europe. No offense to the American Indian meant...

Along the way we saw the Dam plaza, of course.

And beautiful canals.


So, we headed over to the Westerkerk - still a church. But, closed on a Sunday afternoon. Wah-wah. Three churches, no actual entry. A few days later, I did go to the above mentioned church near the hotel. It was absolutely beautiful, and the light was wonderful when I was there. I wish I had photos. But no use dwelling on that!

The cheese shop in the side of the church was open for business!

S helped us get to and fro on the tram system. 
He was a great guide. Albeit, a cold one.

While we were at a runout concert outside of Amsterdam, S had some adventures of his own. I'll share those photos another day, as well as some photos I took at a very interesting art museum. When I have good wifi and some time again...stay tuned.

See you soon.

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