Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amanda and Russell and the Girls

Our friends Amanda and Russell asked me to take some photos of their family at the Dallas Arboretum the other day. They were to be family shots - not Christmas photos. And, all week we were worried about what the weather was going to do. Turns out it was a beautiful day and we happened to get some great photos of this good looking bunch, so I had to share them with you:

The fall colors were just about perfect here in Dallas on that day.

This is Miss Amelia, four years old.

Amelia was not so sure about me at first. We have met before, but it had been a while for sure and she didn't remember me at all. So she had to warm up to the idea of taking these photos. Getting to run around the big open field helped the warming process immeasurably. She actually came up to me a few minutes into the shoot and explained to me she didn't know me at first but now that she does know me, it was alright that I was taking their photos.

The live wire and the not-so-live wire.

She even posed for me later in the afternoon.

I like this one, but it would have been better if I would have gotten down even with the stone.

running amelia
Once she started playing in the water with her dad, she had the most fun of all.

Then there is Miss Lola, just over a year old.

She is cute as a button, too.

And all smiles.

She had fun running in the field, too, with Mama nearby.

Attempts to capture a photo of the two girls together did not go so good. Actually, those photos would make a pretty funny blog post all by themselves. The only one that came out remotely salvageable was this one:


Then we took several posed family shots in different locations of the Arboretum. Here are my favorites:

This one...still when Amelia wasn't so sure...

By the fossil walls and all that water.

family no laptop
In the field full of fall colors when the sun was just about right.

It was nice to enjoy the beautiful day with this beautiful family! Thanks Amanda and Russell for letting me take your photos!

See you soon.

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