Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Photos

First, I want to say I plan to get back to the regular discipline of writing this blog. But, I'm still recovering from the last few months of stress and this tour and it being done. It's all good, but I'm still, definitely, in recovery mode.

Another thing that slowed us down last week was my sweet S was sick - with the flu - all week. He does a lot to pull his weight around here and I missed that great amount of work he does while he was in the bed. I was a single parent for a week, and sister, I bow down to you single parents out there. It's a lot of work! And, I was tending to sicko too - it was a long week. Thankfully, he's on the mend and back to his regularly scheduled day today. I hope it goes well for him.

So, on to the post - just before we went to Europe, I went to a store in the mall to purchase LM a new shirt and tie for Easter. Easter would happen just a week after our return to Dallas, and I knew if I was to have anything prepared for it, I needed to do a couple errands before the trip. Luckily, we were able to let out the suit we purchased last year and use it again! S took LM to the tailor to have that done a few weeks before the tour too. So anyway, I went to purchase this shirt and tie. Because that shirt and tie cost a certain amount of money (I really don't remember what it was) I qualified to have LM's photo taken at the store and a free 8 x 10. But, the photo shoot dates were when we were in Europe. I called my mom and asked if she would take him to have the photos taken and she agreed to do it. So, I signed him up.

I should say I had very low expectations for these photos - I mean, his schedule would be a bit off since we were out of town, he is 2.5 and has exhibited no interest in having his photo taken recently, we were going to have him wear his Easter suit, which would feel different than "normal" clothes, and well, it was going to be taken in a store in the mall. But, what the heck, I figured, worth a try - it was free!

My mom said it was quite an afternoon to get him picked up from school after nap and to the mall, dressed in his suit in the time allotted. But, she said, he was in a good mood and she thought the photos would be good ones. The day to go see the photos was the week after we came back from Europe. So, I headed to the store in the mall to check out the photos.

Friends, they were SO CUTE! I bought all of the digital files! I was so pleasantly surprised, and so happy to have some nice photos taken by someone else of my boy! So, take a peek - here they are:

555 edited

557 edited

559 edited
I mean, look at these sweet smiles and expressions!

566 edited

571 edited

575 edited
One of the cutest "little man" poses.

578 edited

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581 edited
Another one of those "little man" poses!

586 edited

589 edited

597 edited
So in love with this boy, and so glad for these photos!

See you soon.

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  1. Those pictures are precious! I love the little man poses. Super cute. And I still need to email you about going to lunch. I haven't forgotten. :)


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